May 30, 2007

What happens when you leave birdseed unattended?

What happens when you get a little distracted and forget to put the birdseed away? A very industrious little squirrel comes along and chews a hole in the bag.
And he eats and eats and eats and eats. Looking on the bright side - he hasn't emptied the bird feeder in two days like he normally does.
Not a great picture, but just had to share Ginger's new past time. This is her chair. Unfortunately for Ginger, it is also R's chair. As soon as R gets up for a split second, who moves in? Ginger - looking all cute and innocent. We know better though!
This was the latest cake that R made. Don't know who Ed is, but Happy Birthday anyway. He's a motorcycle nut, so the Harley/Halloween colors were a must.
This is what you do with Noro yarn when you aren't knitting with it, obviously. R took a short break from knitting her stole on Memorial Day and made a Noro pyramid.

This is what you do when you aren't making a Noro pyramid or knitting with Noro. It's really turning out to be beautiful.

This was taken a few years ago, but I promised Lee I would post it. It's a picture of my two favorite male knitters. L and Lee were making scarves. Don't know if Lee ever finished his, but L has gone on to make a few other things. Gotta love men who knit!


kelly said...

squirrels like yarn, too, I hope you know...

knitting bean said...

How do you know that? From experience?

Anonymous said...

That little wascal is eatin' away, isn't he/she...whomever, whatever!
You guys have had a very busy week thus far...cookouts, company, "cakes, wonderful cakes!" And, the beat goes on...
The great knittin' machine keeps knockin'out those socks.
"Could it be? A pair for me? Perhaps it's so...Alas, it's NO!" I've been told..."There are SO MANY MORE SOCKWEARERS, than just little ol'me! But, but...where could they be?
I'm shakin' my SOCKS!
OLD SOCKS, at that!!!
Love, MOM
Hi Kel!!! :-)