May 5, 2007

It's not the Kentucky Derby, it's horseshoes in the rain!

It's been raining most of the afternoon and I guess the kids couldn't take it anymore. It's the kind of light drizzle that makes you want to curl up with a cup of hot tea, a good book and your best bud. However, R & L had different ideas. R is playing while holding an umbrella. That should make for good throwing form. L is bundled up in his waterproof jacket with his hood up and more than likely caked in mud up to his ankles. I remember when they were small and still attending public school. I would go pick them up every afternoon. One particularly rainy day we were walking back to our car in the parking lot. Puddles were everywhere! I stood in front of one especially large puddle and jumped right in the middle of it! The other mothers picking up their children looked at me like I had finally lost it. R & L looked at me like I had finally lost it! They stood there and looked at me, looked at the puddle, looked at me and jumped right in! We had a soggy ride home, but I wouldn't have traded that day for anything. Maybe that has something to do with why they play horseshoes in the rain.
The Hostas have made their annual return! I am always thrilled with their arrival. When we lived in Florida we didn't have anything like them. When we moved up here I knew I had to have some. So, my little collection is a Mother's Day gift here, a birthday gift there and some saved from the dry, dying plants at various plant sales. R planted her Lily of the Valley last year and it came up too. It's way over to the left and out of this particular picture, but it's there. When the flower came out R wanted me to smell it. Well, that little sucker is only about five inches from the ground and this body can only bend so far. I went for it and I don't regret the creaking in my bones and the mud on my knees. The scent was great! Now if I can get her to plant her Bleeding Hearts that are still in pots two years after purchase...

See our gardening flamingos? They are ready for some veggies in the raised beds. We made a trip to the Farmer's Market today for R to pick up some tomato plants and an eggplant. I don't know if the flamingos will see green beans this year. The Japanese Beetles had a field day with them last year. Not too sure if we're up to that let down again. Wait, R just said we are gluttons for punishment, so we will probably be planting beans.

What is that massive mushroom shape? R decided to try her hand at baking bread. It was wonderful! It all works out very well - she likes to bake and L & RL like to eat it, so it's a
win-win situation here.
We haven't forgotten this is a knitting blog too. As you can see from the posted pictures, the weather isn't really great for photo ops. So, when the sun comes out, so will the finished projects and camera! Adios and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Anonymous said...

"I'm singin' in the dark,
I mean singin' in the rain!" Hostas lookin' good...mine are still in the pots, but lookin' good too! Gotta' get that poison oak out'a the garden, so we can eventually enjoy the view. Hey...I have a good idea! In your spare time, why not come to yo' Mama's and hoe a few rows? I think that would eventually help everyone! Don't you? I'm lovin' your blog! It's nice visitin' with you 'all. Love, from Mama