May 2, 2007


We met a new friend Monday afternoon. Cream belongs to some friends and what a surprise he was! After adding a new donkey to their animals, she decided to add yet another! She was pregnant and they didn't know it. They went to check on her and there was a little baby in her stall. He's as cute as can be and so soft.

We also met a very friendly goat. Jack is currently keeping Cream company since Cream's mom decided she wasn't up to the task of caring for him. After spending a little time visiting with Jack we learned that he is very good company indeed. He is more like a dog or cat than a goat. He looks a little like he has it in for us in this picture, but he was actually coming over for a little attention.

As for knitting - this is the latest completed project. R made it following the pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting. Their rug called for potholder loops, but being the ever creative person that she is, she opted to go a different route. We went to a factory outlet and got tube socks and then cut them in inch loops using a rotary cutter. (The rotary cutter will never be the same!) A little Rit dye and then off she went. I believe it was the fastest knit she's ever completed! Our model is Scout Lily who belongs to my Mom and Dad. She was not too into posing that day!

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firefly said...

I love the second photo of the goats in the barn. So, so pretty.

Good luck with your blog my friend!