April 12, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Spring has sprung. After having temperatures in the 90's for a few days - where did that come from???? - we are closer to normal temperatures for this time of year. R ordered some strawberries from the county 4-H sale and got those planted.
An open house at a local market had this Fuchsia that wanted to come home with us. How could we say no?

And there are peas. R and L started them from seeds and transplanted them outside. They have really taken off.
And, after two long years, we finally got around to burning our leave and twig pile in the backyard. What an undertaking that turned out to be! The leaves were wet and compact at the bottom of the pile, so those took forever to burn. After two days of working on it, we put a serious dent in it. The back yard looks so much nicer!
I love this picture of the sunbeams coming through the trees in the backyard. Of course they are hitting the smoke from the fire - someone somewhere is cringing at our big, fat carbon footprint! And along with all the other things spring brings with it are thunderstorms. Ginger does not like thunder! She decided to cozy up with L on the couch until it passed.

Still waiting for it to pass.... It was gone by bedtime and she was back to her usual perky self.
Hopefully we will all be able to get back into the swing of knitting and sewing soon. We're all too pooped from a weekend of yard work, so maybe today's a good day for that!

April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This is a picture of my Dad and R the Easter I was pregnant with L. Don't they look 'spiffy' in their Easter attire? No pictures of me though - I was starting to look like an Easter egg myself!
Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating and remembering the true meaning of Easter.