June 30, 2013

Children's Books

Bean and I found ourselves in Old Salem last Thursday.
Well, we didn't exactly find ourselves there.  We went there with a purpose.
I love to wander the shops.  They are actually setting up Christmas now!  In some ways that scares me to death, but in other ways it's exciting.  We walked through all the future Christmas displays and the Moravian items.  Then we went downstairs to see the books and children's section.
I don't think I have ever stopped loving children's books, even though I have two grown kids.  And when a children's book is mixed with a love of knitting - well, let's just say it's heavenly to me!
This book just screamed that it wanted to come home with me.  Of course I had to oblige.  The illustrations are so cute.  And a mama kitty who knits is right up my alley.  Since I don't have any little ones to read to anymore, I read to Harper.  I don't think he was as into it as I was.  He's got this things for cats, you see.  But he does have a thing for yarn, so he was able to at least tolerate the book, when he wasn't trying to eat it.
Somehow this next book also found it's way home with us.
I love his books!  We have several of them and the kids have always enjoyed them.  I have to admit that I read this one aloud to anyone who would listen.  Bean didn't seem to mind!  He was such a good author.  He didn't 'speak' down to the kids for whom he was writing and he also includes a couple of recipes in the back.
And that concludes today's book review.

June 27, 2013

Do You Know How Much I Love My Therapist?

I love my therapist a whole bunch!
For a year I have been going to therapy almost every Thursday afternoon at Wake Forest.  It is a free service that is provided to caregivers of Alzheimer's patients.
I started going about two years ago.  My first therapist was actually a student at Wake Forest.  However, he graduated and was thrust out into the real world and didn't leave a forwarding address!  :)
After he left me (sniff, sniff) a new therapist came in who wasn't a student.  So.....I started seeing him on a weekly basis.  We had a great deal in common.  One thing that really made a connection for me is that he is a native Floridian and I am a native Floridian.  However, one major thing we DO NOT HAVE IN COMMON - he is a University of Florida alumni and I am a Florida State fan.  We worked through our 'differences' so the whole therapy thing would be productive.  Once he wore khaki pants and a garnet shirt.  I complimented him on his FSU outfit.  Ruined his whole day!  HA!
With therapy coming to an end, I wanted to make something for him.  He knew I was a knitter and it was my own little kind of therapy, so I decided to knit him some dishcloths.....in HIS school colors.  Yes, it was the ultimate sacrifice for me.  It didn't go unnoticed today when I gave them to him.  He asked me how I managed.  I let him know I did throw up a little in my mouth, but I got over it.  He understands.....it's his job to!

June 25, 2013

Hey! It's My Birthday!

Hey you!
You there!
Today is my birthday.
I am two!
This is what my life has been like since I was adopted.

Sometimes my Mom kisses me and leaves lipstick on my head!

 Sometimes my Mom will open the window so I can watch the squirrels in my yard.  Stupid squirrels.
Sometimes I am a gentleman and will shake my grandma's hand....but sometimes I just like to bite it instead!

 Sometimes I can be suave.
 When my Uncle still lived at home, I liked computer time with him.
 When my Great Granny comes over, I like to take naps next to her.  See my toys on the floor?  I like to keep them right where I can see them!
 Sometimes they take me outside when there is white stuff on the ground.  I like to eat that white stuff.  Hey!  Where is that white stuff now?
Sometimes I like to hang upside down and pretend I am a bat!

Yum!  I taste pretty good!

Sometimes I like to party.

Happy Birthday to me!

June 23, 2013

Birthday Books

I mentioned on my birthday post that I got a couple of books from Barnes and Noble.  I wanted to share what they were, but I'm new to posting pictures from other sites.  I hope I did it right.  (Is it okay to buy books from Barnes and Noble, but post pictures from Amazon?  Yeah, I though so.) 
A month or two ago I found Ree Drummond's book:
It was in the clearance section for under $6!  I couldn't pass it up, but I wasn't sure I wanted to read it right away.  Then I pulled neck - or so I thought - and had time on my hands.  Perfect reading opportunity.  Man, what a great book!  Some nights I read parts of it to Bean while she knitted.  I think she enjoyed it as much as I did.  Their love story reminded me what a special relationship I have with Ran.  So....when my birthday came along and Ran told me to get whatever I wanted, I jumped at the chance to get one of her recipe books.
I think the thing I like the most about this recipe book, well, besides who it's written by, the photography, yadda, yadda, yadda.... would be the great recipes.  So many of them are definitely on my list to try.  I found one recipe on her website that I've already tried:  Knock You Naked Brownies.
They didn't turn out as pretty as hers, but I don't recall anybody complaining!
I cannot wait to make something out of this book!  I have been admiring it online since it was published.  I have soooooo many fat quarters around this house that are crying out to be used.  I sure hope this book provides that opportunity.  I've got to get those fat quarters to quit crying.  My sock yarn can't stand the competition.

June 21, 2013

CRASH - Morning Has Broken!

My boyby is in Florida visiting his girlfriend and her family.  He left for a two week visit, waaaaaay back on March 30.  I haven't seen him yet.  Well, if you don't count Skype.  And I don't count Skype!  Boyby and his girl have an etsy business and when they are together they are brainstorming, designing, printing, packaging and shipping.  Plus her Dad has an etsy business and they also work for him.  I miss him like crazy and carry on about my baby being gone and boo hoo hoo until everybody - E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y - around me is sick of it.  I finally reached a point where I dried up, sucked it up and get on with life.  I realize he'll be home when he's good and ready and if they aren't ready to throw him out on the street, he must be a half way decent houseguest and that's got to make a Mom proud.
So....when I got a phone call this morning that woke me up....and it was him.....and he starts the conversation off with something like, "Hey Mom.  Don't worry.  Everything is okay."  Well, it gets this Moms heart jumping.  Then when the next line is, "Could you please scan my insurance card and e-mail it to me?" the heart stops jumping.  It just kind of stops in general. 
He needed to see a doctor because he was feeling bad.  He was right, it was no big deal.  Everything was okay.  However, I am almost 600 miles away from him.  Never mind that he is 22.  Never mind that he is a grown man.  He's my BABY!
I wanted to jump in the car and get down their NOW!  I wanted to get on the next airplane!
What was I going to do once I got down there?  Who has time to think things through?!?
I do.  And that's what I did.  I called my sister.  Somehow she can get me out of panic mode and into semi panic mode.  She has three grown boys and a wealth of knowledge.  A prayer request was made that all would be well.
My boyby and his girlby last October at Pilot Mountain.
And you know what?  It was well.  He got to see a doctor right away.  Prescription was filled.  And he is in good hands.  His girl has got the situation under control.  Sometimes it's not easy to let go and let someone else take our place, but sometimes it's just what's needed.  I think it's all gonna be just fine. 

June 19, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 49.  Not 49 and holding.  Not the anniversary of my 49th birthday.  Just plain old 49 for the first time - but maybe not the last!
Ran and Bean took me to the best restaurant!
Sweet Potatoes in Winston-Salem.
Ran and I had the opportunity to get to know the owners of this place and they are fabulous people.  Their attention to detail is evident.

While we were downtown we couldn't just eat and run.  It's rare when we are there, so we had to walk around and take in the sites.
The side of Sweet Potatoes.
Looks like a sweet like oasis in the middle of town.
Roses growing next to Sweet Potatoes.

Art?  Graffiti?  How about both?

Fancy place to lock up your bike in front of a/perture

Cherry Pie Bar.  To Die For!
A special treat from the Camino Bakery.

June 18, 2013

Baby Knitting

It has been too long since there's been a baby in the family.
And that's a terrible thing because babies are fun to knit for!
The joys of baby knitting are endless.
You get to experiment with new techniques....
You can try a new yarn and not go broke....
When Randy's nephew and wife announced they were expecting I didn't think 
"boy or girl?"
"due date?"
No.  I thought,
 "what can I knit for this baby?"
Out came all the baby knitting patterns books.
Ravelry was my new best friend.
Then I saw a blanket my old best friend, Karen, had been working on.  She's been my best friend since junior high and has this great aunt thing totally under control.  She and I started talking about the "Sweet Pea Blanket."

Ran's nephew and wife are POSITIVE, without a shadow of a doubt, 100%, ain't no way it's not happening that this baby is a girl.  Now I know technology has come a long way since I had my babies, but sometimes ultrasounds can be wrong.  I just didn't want to spend a great deal of time on an 'heirloom quality' - my words, not theirs - gift that was going to be the wrong color.  I fondled a beautiful berry color, but settled on a creamy white.

I really love the way it ripples.  The baby will be here in August - perfect blanket weather for a Florida baby, right?  And whether it's a girl or a boy, the color will be just fine!