June 1, 2007

Cough, cough, achoo

Not a whole lot has been going on here this week. RL came down with a cold over Memorial Weekend and decided to share. As soon as he was back to work, R and L came down with it. I'm slow to catch on and decided to wait until the kids were feeling their worst before I came down with it. So, between the coughing, sneezing and nose blowing, not a whole lot is getting done. Luckily the monthly birthday cakes for RL's work were finished before everybody felt their worst. We didn't take many pictures this time because we were sick of cake by the time they were finished and didn't feel like posing them for a proper photo shoot! This was the best looking one out of the bunch. It was not a good day for cake decorating!

Remember the little cable hat I made last month? Well here's the fine looking fella modeling it for us. Isn't he a cutie? I'm so glad the hat fit. It looks like if it was a little smaller it wouldn't have worked.

This is currently on the needles for me. (R hasn't felt like knitting - at all. That's how we can tell she is sick.) I got this yarn when Noro was on sale at Knit Picky. I don't know if I'll have enough and that's a bummer. As long as the dye lot is close enough, I'll be alright. I just won't be getting it at 40% off! The pattern is from Knitty.com. It's the Argosy pattern. I definitely think it will look better when it's blocked.

Here's a picture of the needles I am using. They are Crystal Palace Daisy needles, size 5. This is the second pair since I started the scarf. See the cute little purple tip? Well, on my first pair, it popped right off! I was reminded that I didn't pay top dollar for these needles and that's right. However, I would like a pair of needles to last through one project! So far this pair is hanging in there.

Pray for us to get better and to keep our sanity through the sniffles, coughing, sneezing - you get the picture!


Anonymous said...

Well, Bummer!
Sorry you're feeling so punk!
All of you, huh? Well, all but the carrier of the dreaded disease!
At least he can cook and still be an excellent caregiver, when push comes to shove.
After speaking to L this afternoon I figured the plague had slithered up the porch steps, under the door and into everyone's blood stream. Just horrible, and yucky, and mean, to get all of you down at once!
Little Baby is so cute in the little hat, and...it fits!
The plaid "throw, shawl, or gentlemen's hanky" is going to be lovely! :-)
The cake looks pretty good! I'm sure it was delicious, but...knowing that crowd, it didn't matter!
Love to you guys...get well!

Karen said...

Hi Kristy! Sorry, but I don't know if there's a 12 step program for being a bag lady (or a yarn lady, for my other problem ;)

That Argosy is looking good - I love the way its striping. I picked up a little Noro at the sale, for a bag, but now I'm wishing I'd gotten more.