May 17, 2007


You heard me right. I said POOP! I would say worse, but I just don't feel like it right now. This morning we had our septic tank pumped. Why, oh why, do we have to have it pumped more than Joe Smoe down the block or even John Doe next door???? Maybe because we are home 24 hours a day. Maybe because my homeschooled children who are teenagers use as much water as an adult. Maybe because I keep up with the laundry. Maybe because I wash dishes every day. Now you might ask - don't all people do those things? No. What about the couple down the street. They both work full-time. They don't have children. They run their dishwasher once a week. They do maybe three loads of laundry a week. Repeat that with me - maybe three loads of laundry a week. Who does three loads of laundry a week? A day - easy. A week - no way! What is a person to do? We bought a Maytag High Efficiency Washer. So highly recommended. It doesn't use nearly as much water. What did we get for it? A sleek looking washer, I'll give you that. Now we buy special HE detergent and have a bill with Lowe's AND still have a water problem. Showers are cut in half with those silly little water saving shower heads that spit water on you. Dishes are washed once a day in a water saving dishwasher instead of after each meal. Still we have a water problem. How can we be compared to our neighbors who are never home? How can they question how much water we use? Oh just wait! We have the same soil, the same neighborhood. When those toddlers are out of disposable diapers and using the 'real potty' there will be a whole lot of flushing going on. When those toddlers are teens, there will be a whole lot of clothes changing going on and a whole lot more wash to be done. When the couple down the street have children and quit eating out, that dishwasher will see more action than once a week! In the meantime, laundry gets done somewhere else and my beautiful, sleek washer sits there costing me a monthly bill until it's paid off. The teens get yelled at after running their showers more than 15 minutes. And now the septic tank gets emptied every six months until our little town decides to run a sewer down our street - like the one they have at town hall. Until then, plays are put on at town square. The biggest fireworks show in the county is put on every 4th of July. Concerts and huge beach parties continue. $$$$$$$ And we keep pumping that septic system. Okay, okay, I'll climb off of my soap box for a few minutes. I'm just upset - I bet you couldn't tell - could you? The real clincher is - do you know how much sock yarn I could buy with that money?

Want to know what else is going on? Frankly, it's as upsetting, just not as costly. I think I may be the only one in the house upset about it too, but if I complain enough, I might be able to bring everybody else down too! My sockapalooza sock is NOT WORKING OUT! R has about the same foot size as my pal and she tried on the almost finished first sock last night. Well, to put it mildly, Cinderella didn't fit into the glass slipper! ARGH!!!!!! (Yes, that is my favorite quote of frustration and I thank Charlie Brown for putting it so nicely!) So, what to do? Well, I did chose a pattern that is very popular. What happened the last time I chose a popular pattern? It did not work. I know, I know. A lot of people are walking around in their Jaywalkers that Grumperina did a beautiful job designing. However, I am not one of them. Don't even mention Jaywalkers in front of me! Apparently there is something called gauge that is important - or so I've been told. Yes, I admit it. "My name is K and I am a gaugeless knitter." Is there a Gaugeless Anonymous? "Oh sure, it will fit somebody I know," has been my motto for years. Well, it doesn't always fit the person it's intended for and that is NOT A GOOD THING! So, back to the drawing board or should I say sock patterns. I will find a pattern to fit and I will finish these socks by August and they will be spectacular! I hope.

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Anonymous said...

WOW...POOP, huh?
Must'a been tons of it!
I saw the cutie who cleaned it out! Smilin' from ear to in this world, can that child be smilin'??? WITH HIS MOUTH WIDE OPEN? I'm cheerful too, sometimes, but my goodness! Circumstances have GOT to be much better know...the HOLE IN THE YARD!!!
Oh well...Oh'll be okay in a day or two.
There now...aren't you feeling all better now???
Love from MahMa