May 7, 2007

Proof of knitters living here

We finally had a sunny day to take pictures of some of the knitted creations around here.
R got L to sit down long enough to start knitting and that's all it took. His olive green scarf was one foot long the first night. The second night produced another foot. Before we knew it, he had knit a nice, warm scarf that was six feet long! He told me it took him a week or two to finish it. I was really proud of him. There aren't too many 6 foot tall, 16 years olds secure enough in their masculinity to knit. He has a few other interests which are taking him away from knitting at the moment, but we'll get him back - oh yes we will!

After falling in love with the Gecko scarf pattern from Morehouse Farms, I knew I had to make it. Of course I didn't knit to gauge - what is a gauge swatch again???? I made him out of Cascade 220 which I bought from Knit Picky. I thought the little toes would drive me nuts, but I liked the way they looked so much just bit the bullet and did them - I'm not a big fan of I-cord.

On to socks ...
RL and the kids stuck some Cascade Fixation yarn in my Easter basket. I wasn't too sure if I was going to like it. I knew I had to try it though, because I loved the 'Flame Wave Socks' designed by Ann Budd in the 'Favorite Socks' book by Interweave. I found the yarn to be a little rough on my fingers because I kept it pulled taunt. I'm trying to decide if I will ever knit with it again, but I won't rule that out yet! No Mom - they are not your Mother's Day socks! You'll have to wait until Sunday for those!

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Anonymous said...

Alright...ALRIGHT!!! But...they'd look so good on these teeny, tiny little feet!
Way to go, Luke...a man with no fear of his masculinity!!!
Well, everything looks good the outside pics. It's a bit chilly, but very nice.
Love you guys...Yo' Mahma!