May 19, 2007

Spinning and baby hats

Ta Da! The Wolverine hat is finished. It keeps reminding me of something out of Dr. Seuss. It was a quick knit and a fun knit. I just hope future Mom and Dad like it.
R is teaching me how to spin. If you see anything even on this drop spindle, it was when she was demonstrating the proper techniques. If you see thick and thin - well, that's my spinning. The directions say it takes three days before you can see any improvement. I wish that third day would hurry and get here because it's just not looking so great right now. We'll call it my foray into spinning novelty yarn. Yeah, that's what it is.

Of course this is R's spinning. Isn't it just perfect? She can't decide it she wants it single ply or double. In the meantime I look at the beautiful and perfect spinning and try to decide if I like her or not. It's so uniform and looks great. What can you knit with something that small? I guess we'll just have to get a glass case, stick it inside and admire it for all eternity. I know that's what we will be doing with my first successful spinning!