May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

These are some of the names engraved on the bricks in front of the Battle Cross. It is difficult to read in this picture, but in the upper left hand side is a square engraved with a soldiers name from the Civil War.

Down at town square, we have several memorials to our soldiers. Today there was a Memorial Day service to honor them. RL said he could hear the 21 gun salute from our house. I think it's terrific that our little town does stuff like this.

I've asked several people in our neighborhood what they are going to do today. 'Nothing' is their reply. Nothing. Isn't that sad? Not going to a Memorial service. Not going to a family get together. Not cooking out at home. Not remembering our soldiers from wars past or present. Nothing. L and RL went up to the square as the veterans were loading up their WWII Half Track, Jeep Willy and other vehicles from wars past and going home. However, as long as L and RL would stay, the veterans were willing to share their stories of the wars they served in and their opinions on what we should be doing in Iraq. L is very impressionable in these matters and said he enjoyed listening. He told me he felt they were probably a bunch of 'grumpy old guys', but that they turned out to be very interesting. I was so glad to hear how he appreciated them. With all the anti-war stuff going on out there right now, it's nice to see some patriotic behavior in public.


Anonymous said...

How nice, Kristy! You did a very good job of showing what was going on in our area...made me wonder what was going on all over the USA.
I love this wonderful Country of ours, "America!"
Having lived near a US Navy Base in California, when I was a little girl, I've always loved the music, the flag waving, the salutes that soldiers and sailors give to each other, and the "Love of Country" that most Americans have for the United States. Long may it thrive, with dignity, honor and the love of God on its side! I thank every Soldier, Marine, and Sailor, who has given his or her life for Liberty To Reign over our land forever and ever!
God Bless America!
How's that, Kel?

kelly said...

USA!! USA!!!