February 23, 2012

Meet Deacon

Chester has a brother!

Meet Deacon Groves.

We had some yarn left over from another project that just happened to be Wake Forest colors.  R suggested that Chester needed a little brother and I could use that yarn.

Since Wake Forest's team is the Demon Deacons, he had to be named Deacon.  And....since they used to play at Groves Stadium, Groves had to be his last name!  Just like Chester, he came from Rebecca Danger's book 'The Big Book of Knitted Monsters'.

February 19, 2012

Truly a Wintery Day

Our first snow of the winter!  Started off as rain which turned into sleet which turned into sleet and snow which turned into SNOW!  I love snow!  Unfortunately I am afraid to be out in the slippery slush.  One slip on this elbow and no more knitting for me for another six months.  Since we are just enjoying the weather and not doing much of anything, I'll leave you with some randomness.

Good weather for a game or two of Scrabble!

R got a cute mug for Valentine's with this heart inside the bottom.  The caramel looks like a Golden Snitch, doesn't it?
Harper LOVES his Dad!  If RL is sitting, then Harper is on his shoulders!  Weird dog.

He's always looking for something among the gravel in the driveway.

Silly grin!
What is this white stuff?  Hmmmm?  Never seen this before.....
Tastes like ice.....

I don't think I'll play in the grass.  I'm fine eating this white stuff! 

The daffodils decided to bloom early since we weren't getting any of that white stuff.
Oops!  An ice covered daffodil.

February 16, 2012

Beautiful Day in Old Salem

My sister has been in town for a few days this week.  It's been three years since she was last here, and that was when my Dad died.  This time Mom had to have a procedure done and she wanted to be here to offer support and any help we needed.  Everything went well, so after Mom was feeling better we wanted to do something enjoyable.  The prettiest day we had just happened to be the anniversary of Daddy's death.  Trying to keep Mom's mind occupied, we decided an outing to Old Salem was in order.

So many beautiful things to see!
A beautiful and wooded amphitheater at Salem College.

The creek next to the amphitheater.  Notice the bench from 1930?  It's one of the newer things there!

Are those cypress knees?  We were trying to figure it out.

Why yes, I AM a tree hugger!
I could not get over the size of this tree and wanted to check how far my arms would reach.
The shadows in this picture are so cool.

This is a Moravian cemetery next to Home Moravian church.  It's called God's Acre.

Is that Captain Morgan?  Why no, it's my sister!

R took pictures of everything.  My sister told her to make sure she got a picture of the '200 year old fire hydrant', so this is for her!

February 8, 2012

Excuse me while I brag......

I am patting myself on the back so much, I might break my elbow again!  I have the most wonderful husband.  He works so hard to provide for us.  I haven't had to work outside of our home since we had children.  When I've suggested it in recent years, he has told me no, that I have too much to tend to with Mom.  He doesn't complain when I spend too much money.  He doesn't complain that I have a yarn, book and fabric addiction.  He even likes to cook dinner when he comes home from work because, now get this, it relaxes him!  Now, who am I to stand in the way of the man's relaxation.  I do end up cleaning the kitchen most nights, but who am I to complain after not having to fix dinner. 

However, there are some things that he just hasn't gotten around to.  Due to the amount of stress he's been under for the past three years since our dads died, he just hasn't felt like doing much around the house that needs to be done.  I don't blame him at all.  He does so much for our moms on a daily basis that he doesn't really have a great deal of time to deal with the day to day maintenance on the house.

The tub has been a major pain in my butt for years.  The drain just hasn't been working properly.  It could be constantly clogged because the women of this house won't get their hair cut.  When you have hair past your butt, you're bound to get some clogs in a drain or two.  Multiply that by two since both of us have hair that long. 

Yesterday I had to go get the 'guts for a toilet tank' that needs to be replaced at my Mom's house.  While strolling the plumbing aisles at Lowes, I found an auger to clean drains.  Yes, I could have spent that money on yarn.  Yes, I could have bought some magazines.  But NO, I bought that auger.  AND I used that auger!  And the tub drains in the most wonderful way!  I cannot wait until he takes a shower tonight!  He will be soooo surprised!

February 6, 2012

Yarn Heaven in West Virginia

And they are back!  Right back where they both belong.  Harper and I have decided they need to stay here for a while.  We did forgive them for being gone.  Harper was, of course, more forgiving than me.  I, however, was a little more willing to forgive after I got some fibery goodness!  No, I don't have pictures of the yarn yet, but I will share soon.  Meanwhile, I hope you are satisfied with the pictures of what I missed while they were gone.

Look at ALL THIS YARN!  To quote Liz Lemon from '30 Rock', "I want to go to there!"


Fiber waiting to be spun.
I don't know what all this is, but I want to be there!

Doesn't this place look great!?!?!?!?!?  It's the Kanawha City Yarn Company.  I might have to plan a field trip to Charleston, WV!

February 2, 2012

Just Say NO!

When RLs uncle passed away recently, he planned a trip to West Virginia for the funeral.  None of us wanted him to go by himself, but we all had reasons we couldn't go with him.  I needed to be here for Mom.  R needed to be here for Harper.  L wanted to be here so he would have the freedom to chat nightly on the computer to his 'someone special'.  And, technically, it was Rs turn to go on the next trip.  So, being the awesome mother I am (hold all applause until the end please) I told R to go ahead and go.  I would give what little time I had available to babysit Harper.  No, no, no.  She just couldn't leave him.  He's never been without her.  How would I do since I really can't wrangle him by myself since I broke my arm.  I had L with me.  I would be just fine.  Go.  Have a break.  See some new sights.  Maybe there's a really cool yarn shop in Charleston.  Go. 

Now, those of you who are mothers are starting to understand the title of this post. 

The first day was exhausting!  R was still a little upset at leaving him and wondering if she had made the right choice.  I assured her we would be fine.  Shortly after they left, however, I was a little upset at her leaving him and wondering if I had made the right choice!  He was a wild child extraordinaire!  I didn't think he was ever going to calm down!  He was into everything and by that, I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  Finally, about ten or so, he went to bed.  I didn't get to read, play on the computer, do laundry, clean the kitchen.  I hardly had time to take a shower and I needed that shower!  L was a big help to me and I couldn't have done it without him, but he was busy in the evenings and I was on my own.

The second day was a little better.  Not much, but a little.  I learned that I still cannot walk him by myself because he pulls so much and I couldn't contain him with one good arm and one arm still healing.  That night he went to bed early!  It was either that or one of us wasn't going to live to see the next day.  About four in the morning he threw up.  What kind of grandmother am I for that to happen on my watch?  I got up, cleaned his crate, took him outside to 'tend to business', then came back to try to go to sleep again.  Oh - did I mention he's an early riser and I am not?  Well, he is.

The third day came.  Oh my, oh my.  My vocabulary increased by leaps and bounds.  Harper was no longer called 'Harper', but names I don't care to type here.  Then it started to rain.  Really?  Rain?  I  have to wear a rain coat and take him outside to do his business when it's pouring?  Seriously?  Then he went wild on me.  He tried to chew the skirt off the couch.  He pulled the curtains from around the windows by the door.  He tried to eat everything off the floor I hadn't had a chance to sweep because I was lucky I was able to eat with him still asleep!  How on earth was I going to get the trash and recycling down to the road, in the rain, with him tearing the house apart.  Luckily, L really stepped up and helped me with the little 'dear' puppy.  Bed time could not come soon enough! 

Harper's mommy will be home today.  I think Harper will be excited.  I know L is looking forward to a break.  I AM ELATED!

They say the one who sits in the Lazy Boy rules the house.  Look who is sitting in the Lazy Boy!!!!

Next time this situation should arise, I will follow my own advice:

That yarn she found in that WV yarn shop had better be great stuff!