September 20, 2009

Guess Where We Went???

Have you figured it out?
What about now?

Yep, the Wake Forest vs. Elon football game at the BB&T Stadium in Winston-Salem!
I am not a football fan. However, there is something about being at the game instead of watching it on television that makes it exciting! This morning, RL told me that he had managed to get five tickets at work for the game. Okay, I was listening. The game was Saturday night - a few hours from when he was telling me. Before I told Mom, who loves football, I decided to ask the kids if they would like to go. I am so ashamed to say that neither one of them has ever been to a football game. Since they were homeschooled, we didn't go to high school games. So, at 21 and 19, they attended their very first, in person football game.
By the way, when it came time to ask Mom if she wanted to go, she didn't have to be asked twice!
Our view was great! We had seats on the visitors side - just where the Wake Forest fans sort of mixed in with the Elon fans. We had the privilege of sitting in front of some very disgruntled Elon fans. Made for an interesting game!
Final score!

This field clears out fast! We had no trouble getting out of the stadium, finding our car and hitting the road home. It was a very good evening with cool temperatures and the kids enjoyed their first football experience. What more could I have asked for?

September 9, 2009

The Dreaded Socks

I like knitting socks. I really do. However, this pair nearly changed my perception of sock knitting forever. I don't know if it was me or the yarn or my mood or what, but I hated knitting these socks. As you can tell, the pattern is the usual, generic sock pattern I've used a million times. The yarn is from Knit Picks. I like the sock pattern. I like Knit Picks sock yarn. However, I hate this pair of socks! Maybe it's because I started out with this glorified idea of knitting something different. I was going to be creative and add a pattern to the generic sock pattern. It didn't work. I ripped them back to the cuff with the help of my trusty assistant, R. Then I moved onto another pattern idea I had in my mind. Nope. Wasn't going to work. Ripped them back to the cuff a second time. Did I learn anything? Did I realize that I'm not a designer? Did I finally say to myself, "Self, you need to just stick to the pattern as it's written and knit these suckers." Well, yes, I did. But not after trying a third stab at yet another pattern. What can I say, I was feeling stubborn. I decided not to throw the disasters of socks across the room because I know Knit Picks dpns can be deadly. Instead I asked for help from my trusty, and extremely patient, assistant to rip them back yet again. Then I knit the stupid generic pattern. They took forever! I don't like the way the gussets turned out. I grew to hate the colors. The yarn was splitting like crazy - maybe because it had been ripped out a million times! I love Knit Picks sock yarn. I don't have any complaints. However, this time I was not liking it at all! I need a challenge I guess. Needless to say, I am not knitting another pair generic socks any time soon....well, unless I change my mind, of course.

September 6, 2009

Ginger and Birthdays

Not a whole lot to report around here. Ginger has been soaking up the sun. She has found the perfect spot - in the sun and next to the cotton yarn. There's a slight hint of fall in the air and she must be soaking up all the sun she can.

She has had a little excitement around here lately. It's not all lounging for that girl! Who knew that the battery operated blood pressure thingie (and yes, that is the technical term for it) would make Ginger's blood pressure spike! She was very curious about the noise coming from that little box!

She likes to relax a lot, as you can tell.
But you never can tell when she's going to turn on you!

I completely forgot to show you L's birthday cake. He wanted an Iron Cross shaped cake. He is very into WWII. (Did you know that a Maltese Cross and an Iron Cross are two different things? Apparently Wikipedia doesn't!) This is the gaming table that he and his Dad built. Dad played a quick game of 'Flames of War' with him on his birthday. Right now he has felt cutouts for trees, houses, roads, etc. but all of that is changing! I can't believe all the time, effort and $$$$ that goes into having the perfect game table! The boy is crafty though and it's looking pretty darn good! When he's finished constructing more of his 'stuff' I'll have to show you. I'm impressed!
I will leave you with a picture of Miss Ginger ignoring us.
Don't ask her to turn around! You wouldn't like her when she turns around!
She scares me so.....