May 3, 2007

Time for some knitting content

A lot of knitting has been going on this year, so it's time to show some of it. Socks have been jumping off the needles around here! These are socks I knit with the Christmas yarn from RL.

Of course not all the knitting is socks. When RL and L took a hunting safety course, L needed a BRIGHT orange hat for his first time hunting. I found this great pattern on I Live On a Farm. What a perfect fit it was for him! Now I need to make one for RL since he will be L's hunting buddy.

This is the first of a pair I made with my Christmas gift from R. Both the yarn and pattern came from Knit Picks. I loved the yarn and even loved the challenge of the cables.

L even got into knitting and just finished a six foot long scarf! As soon as the weather gets better, I'll try to get a picture of that. R has a few finished projects to take pictures of and post too. Now to get RL knitting and we'll have our own knitting group - I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon!


Tara D said...

Nice job on the socks. What yarn did you use for the first pair?

firefly said...

Beautiful knitted items ... and thanks for showing the photo of the New York hat--hunting style!


Tara D said...

Thanks for finding the info on the yarn. I'm glad you mentioned that it shrunk slightly - I've been thinking of trying out some cotton sock yarn. Now I'll know to add a bit of extra room.

Always happy to see new knitting bloggers. Looking forward to your future posts...Tara D.