May 11, 2007

Cakes and more graduations

Happy Birthday April!
R is not only a crafter extraordinare, she is a cake decorator. April was having a birthday and her sister, Cream's human mom, ordered a cake from R. She had a few requests: turning 40, but NO tombstone, likes cats and enjoys color. I think R was able to squeeze all of those elements into one cake. That sucker weighed a ton with all that icing on it!

We had a couple more graduations this week, too.

Now I know this looks like a wedding picture, and it is. However, it's the only picture I have of the two graduates! No, they are NOT marrying each other - they are brother and sister. He is my son's best friend and graduated today with honors from our local tech college. She has graduated from UNC. Congratulations guys!

Since I have very little worth talking about today, I will leave you with a picture that I found at my Mom and Dad's house today. I have NO idea when it was taken. My sister is helping me get my Christmas gift out of its box and I am very excited. I don't know why I'm's an ironing board. I must admit, I have never, never, NEVER been as excited about ironing since!


kelly said...

Well, I know I would have been excited had I received the ironing board. That look on your face, that's the look I get every time I pull out the ol' board. Just thinking about it makes me want to work with steam.


Anonymous said...

Loved the cake usual great job! I would have licked the spoon for you, but you never offered!
Having helped my own mom iron for the rich folk, I now resist it too. However, I still know where the ironing board is located!It will soon take it's proper place in the basement, near the sewing machine and the quilt fab stash.
I am feeling the urge to serge!
Love, Yo Mahma