May 15, 2007

Roving in the Clover

R decided to take some before and after shots of her roving/spinning. Isn't it a beautiful color combination? The roving itself is beautiful, but when it's spun, the jewel tones just seem to pop.

Chocolate Rose - Miss Babs: Hand-dyed fiber goods
This is the one of the latest sock yarn acquistions. It's from Knit Picky, of course. The assortments they had from this company made it nearly impossible to narrow down my selection. I thought of Mom because it reminds me of autumn and that's her favorite season. So, Mom, promptly forget about this yarn because you might be seeing it again in sock form later this year!

What a stupid way to take a picture of a sock in progress. Not wanting to put the sock on to model, I used a glass! It's sort of funky looking, isn't it? It's for my Sockapalooza pal and this picture does not give the true color of the sock. It's the Monkey pattern by Cookie A. as shown on the Knitty web-site. It's working up rather nicely and I can see making another pair of these one day soon.

What can this be? Hmmmm... I don't normally have two projects going at the same time, but I'm bending that rule just a little. Too many babies are expected in the next few weeks and they need hand knitted hats! I'll keep you updated on this as it progresses. The Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino is very nice to work with. The pattern, which is called "Little Cables Hat", called for it and I'm glad that it did. I might not have tried it otherwise. (The pattern can be found at

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Anonymous said...

Just happened by here, after my little nap! I am getting sooo old, now needing a nap every afternoon. Well, when you hear snoring coming from the Lazy Boy, it's just natural to join in. Oh PULEEZE, say I wasn't snoring too!!! :-)
All of your colors are pretty, making me wonder if there might be something there for me???
I do love my new Mother's Day Sox, a pretty color too.
It's a beautiful day to be outside tending one's garden...IF one has a garden. I look forward to the goodies that might possibly come from R's garden...say, like a tomato or two?
Good job!
Love, Yo Mawma