May 23, 2007

Good Luck? We could use some!

This evening while watching L with his sling shot and paint balls, RL found this four leaf clover in a patch of clover next to his feet. A real, honest to goodness, four leaf clover! We could use some good luck, so hopefully it will send some our way. I thought this was interesting. We have a couple of bird feeders in our yard in a clump of beech trees and a tulip tree (poplar). While looking for some 'awe inspiring pictures' to write about, I stumbled across this. If you look closely, you can see a sunflower wedged in the bark of this tree. The little birds go to the feeder and pick out the sunflower seeds. I guess they've been using this tree to open them! Shells were wedged in the bark all over this tree.
For those of you who just had to know - the paint ball color of the day is green. Looks like peas and carrots to me. I have to say that I am proud of L. His aim is improving from all his practice. Also, when I go out into the wooded part of our yard to retrieve any paint balls that are still intact, he doesn't use my backside as a target. It would make an easy target too! Such restraint the boy is showing!R and I went to Knit Picky today for the big Noro yarn sale. She's been interested in knitting the Lady Eleanor shawl from Interweave's Scarf Style for some time. Luckily, they had enough of this particular dye lot. It wasn't her first choice, but after holding every skein of Noro so she could go through the dye lots, we decided this color would do. At 40% off the price was right! Good thing she has some more cakes to bake in the next week so she can support her habit.
Yes, I am still working on the Monkey socks. I had abandoned them and started another pair, but nothing felt right. I don't like leaving a knitting project unfinished - anything else is fine, but I just can't leave knitting undone! I decided to suck it up and see if these will work out. I also decided to order some sock blockers from to see if blocking will make a difference. They had a good price on them and I'm anxious to see how this company is to work with. I've got ladders forming between the needles and I don't like that at all. R has assured me that we can work through them and make them go away. Okay - these socks are in your hands once they're finished. If anybody could make them work, it would be R - my knitting guru!


Anonymous said...

Wow...that was a 4-leafer, wasn't it! Cool! Man...Ran has good eyes to be able to pick that out of umteen other clovers, all 3-somes!
The yarn is pretty and I'm sure the shawl will be b-u-T-ful, as is everything she does!
Does Luke support hiw own habit?Paintballs of course...or, do Mom & Dad?
By the way...for some reason I was unable to get into your blog last night for my comment. So, I will now. Deb was an angel on earth, before she ever left for Heaven! I'm so glad you used that photo, it brought back so many memories of her. There is no way to EVER forget her! She was a wonderful friend! She was a comfort to me when your Dad went out of town and she thought I might need a little company and good hug! She was so happy that after that horribly long illness, she was finally going to see, and be with the Lord! And...she longed to go to Him, with arms wide open, a big smile on her glowing face, and singing all the while! I loved that child!
Thanks Kristy, for sharing and remembering Deb...she was the best!
I love you Sweetie...Mom

kelly said...

(Note to Mom - This is how you comment)

Great yarn - Big "Woo Hoo" on the lucky clover!!