May 8, 2007

Sockapalooza 4

Ta Da! This is the sock yarn I finally chose for my Sockapalooza buddy.
What an ordeal this selection process has been! First I had to wait to find out who I was going to knit for. Waiting is NOT something I do well. Then I had to find out what she likes and doesn't like. Thank goodness for Ann Marie at Knit Picky Yarns for helping me pick something out! Now the pattern selection begins. Just when I think I've got it narrowed down, I discover another pattern that would look great in this yarn. I have until August, but I want to get these suckers on the needles and finished! NOW!

Not everything around here is knitting. We have blackberries! Well, actually they are green berries right now. I hope we can get to them before the birds do. I am willing to fight to get one! R bought three blackberry plants from the 4H plant sale last year and they are really doing their thing this year. One year we bought some quill/feather pens from Old Salem for a history lesson. Not having any ink and itching to write with our new pens, we looked around and found a 'recipe' for blackberry ink. A wild patch grows down the road so off we went to get our blackberries. R & L wrote with that ink and those pens until they wore them out! Hopefully these berries will not meet the same inky fate.

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