August 3, 2013

EZ - Yes, Easy - No!

Bean wanted to knit along with Elizabeth Zimmerman's book The Knitter's Almanac.  She asked me to join her and I agreed to join her several times.  It never got beyond the agreement part though.  We wouldn't start at the beginning in January.  We would jump in and knit the May mittens.  She wanted to knit her mittens in Noro.  Not having Noro, we had to go the knitting store.  Oh the sacrifices I make for my girl.  Then she started knitting.  Needle sizes were changed.  Stitches were ripped out.  Needle sizes were changed again.  Stitches were ripped out again.  May was coming to an end.  Yes, I joined her.  No, you cannot see my mittens.  Why?  Because I didn't finish my mittens!  Luckily I used stash yarn, so I didn't waste any money - if you call buying yarn a waste of money!
It is rare for me not to finish a knitting project I start.  I'm one of those really weird knitters who only knit one project at a time.  My heart was not in these mittens, so they are sitting in a box waiting to either be finished or frogged.
Bean's mittens got finished though!  They are beautiful.  She decided to take pictures of them at Old Salem.  She took pictures on the beautiful old brick sidewalks but the colors didn't show true.  This one was taken in the parking lot behind the car.  Knitting photographers and their photo ops!  But I think this is a really cool picture.  As soon as she weaves the ends in, she can stick a fork in them because she will be done!