May 18, 2007

Cakes and Baby Hats

R had another cake order this week, so she's in the money yet again! Wonder where it will all go? Maybe we should just have her money sent directly to the local yarn shop.
Happy Birthday Wendy

Little Cables Hat was a dream to make. The cables were simple and it just turned into a kind of mindless knit. Mindless knitting is not such a bad thing after the sock problems I've had lately! RL has several coworkers expecting babies, so I thought I'd whip up some cute little knits. I was very pleased with this one.
What is this? Could it be another baby hat? Yep. Since I'm still not sure how to link, I'll just tell you it is the Candy Cane hat pattern from Itty-Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson. Dad is a Wolverine fan so that dictated the color selection. Thank goodness Jo at Knit Picky has a sister who graduated from the University of Michigan and knew just the right colors. Once I get the right size dpns I can start the decreases to finish this stocking cap. I'm really anxious to see how it will look. I made it a little bigger than the newborn size so maybe they can get some use out of it this coming winter. When this little hat is finished I have to start thinking seriously about my sockapalooza socks. Send some good sock thoughts my way!


kelly said...

Sorry about your recent poo problem. Glad that's resolved. Great job on the cake, R. Nice hats. Do they come in fat head sizes?

Anonymous said...

The cake is b-u-T-ful...R! As usual, way too pretty to eat!
"Butt," like me...I'm sure they will eat, eat, EAT IT UP!!!
I've seen the little white knitted hat...just precious!
And...that bright yellow and dark blue are sure'nuff Michigan!
"Oh Wolverine, Oh Wolverine,
Oh, whatever...Go Michigan!"
That foxy dog is sure an ugly thang!
You girls are so Shmart to make all this stuff...I am indeed proud of you.
Better get on those other thangies dontchaknow!
Love, Yo'Mahma