May 9, 2007

Let's have a moment of silence for the horseshoe ...

Every night after dinner we play horseshoes. We have an old set - made in America, and a new set made in:
I normally play with a pair from the new set along with L. R and RL use the good old American set. They make a lovely wind chime sound when you tap them together. I know this because RL does it constantly while he waits for his turn. The new set just sort of 'clunks' when you tap them together. "Why do yours sound so much prettier than mine," I always ask. "Because they are better quality," he says. Boy, did he prove that point tonight. We took our turns and walked to pick them up only to see this:

Can you see my poor pitiful little horseshoe under Rs? Yes, that's it...the one facing in two different directions.
R had to get artsy-fartsy and place them in a unique position. Place them anyway you want - my horseshoe is still dead. Now, you might ask, is this the first time RL has broken something metal that belonged to you? No - he can apparently break an anvil. Not really an anvil, but close enough. He broke my cast iron frying pan once...on top of a glass top stove. The stove managed to stay in one piece, but the pan broke right into two pieces. Never, never, never put a cold steak into a very hot cast iron pan.

We have to end this entry on a positive note. Look what we found hanging in our tree! R was spinning with her drop spindle while waiting for her turn at horseshoes. We purchased the roving from Knit Picky Yarns and they got it from Ozark Carding Mill. (The red ribbon held it on her wrist and the red spinning was from a previous attempt at spinning.) She really seems to have the hang with this wool and it's spinning up nicely. I can't wait to attempt to knit with some of it - if she'll let me!


Laura said...

I'm so excited to see that you guys have a blog now! I always love admiring your projects. I didn't know that you were into spinning too--I'm glad to see that the roving I brought home from Maryland is already finding good homes!

firefly said...

Oh, poor poor horseshoe.

I have to admit though, I do like the artsy pose. Horseshoes would be a good subject for a painting, but not a dead horseshoe.

Pretty photos, and a nice blog.