March 24, 2010

I'm Still Here!!!!!!

Whew! I was beginning to wonder if I was going to blog again! What a hectic month this has been. First - a word of wisdom - don't wait five years to visit a dentist. While you are waiting those five years, don't make Coke your primary drink. When I say 'coke' I mean any sweetened, carbonated beverage. (We say coke for all carbonated beverages. Is that a Southern thing?) Anyway, that's what I've done for the past few years. I finally went to the dentist, when RL made an appointment for me. Sneaky fella! To make a long story short, I have four teeth - FOUR - 4 - that are not in need of any work. Only FOUR! That leaves 24 that need work of some sort. After the initial shock and many tears shed in the dentist's office, I was left with two choices: suck it up and get the work done or suck it up and get all my teeth pulled and wear dentures. Either way you looked at it, I had to suck it up! I opted for the work. First, I had to make a life change - NO MORE COKE! The dentist wouldn't work to save my teeth if I wouldn't give it up. I went cold turkey. my poor family.... After three weeks of 'detox' I set up my first appointment. Three teeth were pulled. So............between 'detox' and the pain of having those three teeth pulled, recovery and being ashamed that I let this situation get so far out of hand, I have been staying away from my blog.
Before I started this walk of dental shame, I managed to knit some socks! Remember the yarn I dyed with Easter Egg Dye? Here's a reminder:

I like the way it knit up. The toes look like rainbow targets!

The heels did some really funky stuff!
This is one side of one heel. It was just blue and pink throughout that whole side.

The other side of the same heel turned out to be green and purple! How cool is that?

The next heel surprised me by being all four colors on both sides.

My resident blog photographer hasn't felt like taking creative pictures lately, so you're stuck with my lack of photographic creativity! Well, that and no sun! The colors pooled, which doesn't bother me in the least. I really enjoyed this project from start to finish and I've already started gathering Easter Egg Dye to dye some more yarn. Keep your eyes open for after Easter sales on dye so you can give this a try. It's definitely worth your while!

March 8, 2010

Cake, Visitor and No More Decorations!

Here's RLs birthday cake in all it's fiery glory! R made a wonderful spice cake for him. One of her goals for 2010 is to make something from a new recipe every week. She found this recipe on King Arthur's Flour Blog.

See how moist it is! It was delicious. The little fink neglected to tell me that it had a can of tomato soup in it until it was completely gone! Yes, I was a little put off by that, but the cake was so good I couldn't complain too much.
Here's our visitor. RL was sitting on the love seat and looked outside to find this hawk in our tree out front. I've seen them fly over before but never this close. It gives me the heebie jeebies just looking at it!

See all the paper chains and origami decorations? These have been hanging up since early December. We couldn't agree when to take them down. The kids talked me into keeping them up until after the first of the year. That turned into Rs birthday. Which turned into Valentine's Day. Which turned into RLs birthday. The day after his birthday I took them down! I was tired of hearing, "Let's leave them up for Easter, then Mother's Day, your birthday, Father's Day, 4th of July, Ls birthday, back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then we'll be prepared for next Christmas!" Yes, that was the argument. I couldn't believe how big the living room looked when they were finally taken down! RL walked into the house, noticed right away and declared that THAT was his birthday gift! I think he was beyond ready just like I was! So nice to finally have just the usual junk cluttering up the place.

March 3, 2010


Yesterday I committed quite the faux pas. When I started my blog, I promised the kids I would never use current pictures of them. Well, I screwed up. When they saw the blog post they went a little, well, let's say nuts. So, I promised I would edit the picture so you wouldn't have the chance to ever identify them again. I was told by R that "the pee was already in the pool" and we couldn't get it out. Hmmm, I guess once you're on the internet, you're forever on the internet is what she was saying. If the hypothetical pee is indeed in the pool and you two are forever splattered on the internet, you can blame your Mom. It's the 'in' thing to do!

March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Today RL is celebrating his birthday. And....we have snow! I never get snow for my birthday. Yeah, yeah, I know it's in June, but still....

I love this picture of him. He's playing with a vacuum hose. I would love to know how old he is here. When his grandmother was moving to West Virginia over 20 years ago she gave me this picture. She had been carrying it around in her wallet.

(This picture has been edited to protect the privacy of my children at their request. See above post. Pretty funky looking, isn't it?)
Here we all are. I hate me in this picture, but everybody else looks good. That's RL on the left, of course, followed by R and L then me. We were actually in Florida last year for his Dad's funeral and everybody was trying to get everybody else to laugh. I'm the only dork laughing. As usual!

In the knitting news - socks are on the needles. I decided to knit some socks using the yarn I dyed with Easter egg dyes. It's making some really weird patterns/pooling. I can't wait until they are finished so I can show you pictures of them. A word to the wise - DO NOT knit while watching the gold medal hockey game. I did a decrease for the gusset somewhere not even near the gusset! Strange! Would have totally been worth it if we had gotten the gold. I won't even comment on the Olympics this year. I've already put my soap box away and there's no reason to pull it out and share my opinions on the games. R finished spinning her Targhee fiber. She did a great job on it. I keep telling her she needs to start knitting with it or I'm going to use it for socks! It's calling to me.......

That's all the news that's fit to print for the moment. Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you!