May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

I thought I would share some moms I know or have known in my life who I think are pretty great.

My sister, Ma, My Dad - who is pretty great too - and my nephew

Ma is no longer with us, but she was one heck of a Mom to anyone who needed one.

My sister, Aunt Nanny, Gram, my Mom and me - I wasn't a mom at the time, so I don't count yet!

Gram passed away ten years ago this month from Alzheimer's. She was a mother to five, grandmother to fifteen, and if she was still with us, she would have 20 great-grandchildren. We had her memorial service on Mother's Day, 1997. It seemed appropriate since she took great pride in being a Mom. She would crack us up about Mother's Day and Grandparent's Day. She thought they were created by the card companies to sell cards - especially Grandparent's Day, but you had better show up - just in case she didn't really feel that way! All the her kids who lived locally would show up with all their kids in tow. When we would leave, she and my grandfather would wave us all good-bye and she would turn to him and say, "See what you started all those years ago!"

My Aunt Nanny is mom to four and grandmother to five. She's a great aunt extraordinaire! My kids love to be around her and I know her grands do too. She spoils them rotten and that's the way it should be! We all need to be spoiled by somebody!

My Mom is pretty cool too. She's been through a lot in her life and still keeps on truckin'! It seems like she's helped all of us in some way or another. Always willing to listen and give advice - even if it's not what you want to hear, but sometimes need to. Mom was a stay-at-home mom all my life and inspired me to do the same. I remember being in junior high and the teacher asking how many of us were going to college. My hand didn't go up. He said, "And what are YOU going to do when you grow up?" "A Mom," I replied. "What if that doesn't work out for you?" "Oh, it will." I always had faith that it would and it has. It hasn't always been easy, but I had inspiration from some of the greatest stay-at home moms - Mom, Gram, Ma, Kelly, Aunt Nanny, and Momo.

Gram and Great Grandma (who is 102 now - pretty cool, hu?)

My sister, Kelly and R when she was five months old

Kelly is mom to three 'boybies', as she calls them! Her oldest just graduated from UCF and is an Apple Genius (excuse me - I have made a grave error. Her oldest son is a MAC GENIUS! I extend my most humble apologies to all MAC Geniuses out there. Thank you so much PJ for telling me the error of my ways. I can always count on you! You must understand our confusion though, PJ. Your uncle has pointed out that a fry cook at McDonalds is a McGenius or you couldn't get that fine quality of food there!), her middle son is in the military (a toughie for any mom) and her youngest works at a local hardware store. She's been a good aunt to my kids - giving them their first Coke and french fries behind my back! Geez! Everybody should have an aunt like that!

RL's Mom - Momo to our kids
Momo is a cool grandma. She is unlike most grandmothers you know. I don't think she'd mind me saying she's 72 and she could outrun most of her grandchildren! She's in great physical shape and has been married to her husband for 53 years. Pretty neat record in this day and age!

Enjoy your Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

excuse me, that's "mac" genius.

<3 pj

kelly said...

How did he get to be so sassy? I apologize for that slight(?) negligence in his upbringing. Happy Mother's Day and thank you for such a nice tribute to us all.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...what a nice surprise and what a great gift to all of us Moms!You're a Super Mom too...don'tchaknow!!!
What memories are wrapped up in this Mother's Day Blog! Mom was one of the was my wonderful Mother-in-love, "Ma!" She was so unbelievably good to me, I really loved her! I still have my Grandmother and my Aunt Emily, both over 100 years old!
We have 2 daughters, who are both loving and caring Moms.
Thank you of the most giving people I know.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you, in Heaven and on this Earth!'