January 16, 2011

We Had a Birthday Today

My baby girl is 23 today. I have NO idea where the time has gone. Seems like just yesterday I was 23 and she was born. She is such a great joy to our family.
Since I am 'not allowed' to post any pictures of her or her brother - their rule - you'll have to be content with pictures of her cake. Gone are the days of a Funfetti cake. She requested a 100% home made lemon cake. She made one last summer and loved it, so she wanted it for her birthday. Boy - what a lot of hard work! Half way through the cake I asked her why I couldn't just open a cake mix and use that. She informed me that there is 'no love' in a boxed cake mix. Well, there's plenty of love in this cake! About three or four hours of standing in the kitchen worth! And she is worth it, of course.

Happy Birthday Bean! We love you!

January 15, 2011


Seems like only last month I was trying to Christmas shop with L..... I was talking to him about what he wanted to get R. Some years he's needs input, but not this year! He knew exactly what he wanted to get for her. On one of the blogs she frequents, they mentioned a bread baking book. Seems somewhere along the way that she mentioned to him that if she got the book, she would make some bagels for him. My kids love bagels. (Does she know how to get her way or what????)

We had to wait until she wasn't around - which isn't often - and look on the internet for this particular book. He couldn't remember the name, but could remember the blog. So we scanned the blog and found it. Then we ordered it and the rest is history. True to her word, she made bagels. And what wonderful bagels they were. She needs to make some more. The above were cranberry with just a smidge of orange zest. The below picture shows one of the everything bagels. Plus she made plain. I think she made a dozen in all.

Tomorrow is her birthday, so I guess I'll have to do the baking for her. No bagels, but cake!

January 13, 2011

Believe It Or Not, I'm Still Here

What a mess our computer has been! And to make matters worse, I believe I am addicted to this stupid computer! We have been having crashes on a regular basis and I just don't want to take it anywhere and pay a hefty fee. The computer gurus at RLs work have been passing information onto me through RL. I've tried all the scans I can find. If worse comes to worse I can always update from Mom's computer. That is definitely my lifeline! What did we do before computers? Probably were very, very productive people! I've found that when I'm waiting for the scans to finish their jobs or when I'm waiting for it to turn on after it crashes that I am making great progress on some socks I started last week. I do have a little technology fix with my Nook. Thank goodness for that!
Speaking of the Nook, I just finished reading a very interesting book called 'Closely Knit on Scarlatt' by Ardath Mayhar. It's about a knitter who is an assassin. Guess what her weapon of choice is???? Steel knitting needles! After piercing my leg with a metal Knit Picks DPN, I think it is a feasible weapon! Now I have to pick what I will read next. Anybody read the "Outlander" series? I've been seeing a lot of interesting reviews on the Nook group on Ravelry.
Debbie, thanks for the info on the roller coaster. I'll be sure to pass it on to the Divine Miss M's parents. They will be thrilled - they just have to be!
I will close for now. No pictures to post yet - I don't want to press my luck. I'm fortunate to be doing this much right now!