May 24, 2007

Yippee!!!! My blockers are here!

I have been wanting to see how the Monkey socks would look if they were be on sock blockers and now I know! Yeah! I ordered these from The Loopy Ewe because I had heard wonderful things about Loopy Ewe, because they were the most affordable ones I could find on-line and they were so darn cute! I had to show you a picture of one without a sock just so I could prove that to you!Unfortunately the customer service at The Loopy Ewe is a problem for me. They are SO NICE! When I got my order today I wanted to get right back on-line and order something else. I didn't Mom, so don't worry! I wanted to though. Not only did I get a nice handwritten letter on my invoice, I got some little yarn samples, a couple of cards to keep up with my needle inventory and a free 'Knit Notes for Socks' because I mentioned Sockapalooza 4 - like it says to on the Blue Blog. I also ordered a miniature sock blocker keychain, which was also very affordable, and it came with a pattern to make a sock for it! How cute is that???? I either didn't read the fine print when I was ordering or they surprised me, but I wasn't expecting that pattern. Neat idea.
I have to include my daily backyard picture too. The squirrels do all sorts of acrobatics to get at the bird feeders. Most of them manage to slide down the bar holding the feeder and then swing around to the bottom. I know some of them are hanging on by the skin of their teeth! This little fella is actually lounging on his belly. How on earth he has maintained his balance on that little ledge is beyond me, but he has it down to an art form!

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