May 30, 2011

Closed For Remodelling

Not the blog - me! seems i broke my elbow and will need surgery tomorrow. we bought bikes to get into shape. well, I'm in a different shape now! i actually have another piece than when i started. i collided with L on our bikes and 'broke' my fall with my elbow. and - ironies of ironies - i finally found a knitting pattern I've been looking for for over a month! It will have to wait another month at least. what on earth am i supposed to do with only one hand?

May 18, 2011

I Think We Took a Wrong Turn in Albuquerque

L asked me to go with him on a bike ride Sunday night. Okay. I can do this. I waited until dinner digested enough and then we headed off into the cool evening. We normally bike about two miles every night while R and RL walk. They didn't want to walk, so we were on our own. We were almost to the point in our ride where we cross a very busy road, bike just a little longer and then turn for home. This particular night he asked if I wanted to go right instead of straight. Sure, I'm a cool mom! I'm adventerous! (NOT!) I'll do it. Off we went. It was beautiful! The trees in that particular housing development were gorgeous! Huge shadows were over the road. It was a little overcast and the breeze was blowing slightly. We realized we didn't have to peddle much, it was downhill! However, every 'downhill' turns into an 'uphill' on the way home. Suddenly I wasn't too sure about this anymore. Then I thought, what the heck. We have the cellphone. RL has the truck. If he needs to pick us up he can. That innocent right turn at the beginning of our ride turned into a four mile uphill almost all the way bike ride! The last time I had to breath that hard I had a Lamaze coach! I was truly tempted to tell him, "Go on without me. Leave me here by the road to die. Survival of the fittest. Carpe Diem." Well, it wasn't that dramatic. Maybe because I couldn't catch my breath to say all those things! L has the mentality of 'No man left behind' - or 'No Mom left behind' in this case. He would go ahead of me to the top of the hill and see what was ahead of us. Finally, after walking maybe a third of it, I started seeing familiar territory. No way was I going to call RL to come and get me when I was less than a mile from home. It was tempting though...... Finally we made it home. L kept checking my pulse - I didn't have to - I was thrilled I still had one. I'm not so sure I'll be able to convince my tush to get on that bike seat again anytime soon!

May 13, 2011


Four years ago, this blog started innocently enough. We had no idea what we were doing - and we still don't! We were homeschooling, but now we have two homeschooling graduates. We had all the answers about life that we needed, but now we don't have any answers! Our lives have drastically changed and we are trying to change with them. As most of you know, RL lost his Dad to lung cancer in January of 2009. I lost my Dad less than four weeks later from a ruptured blood vessel in his brain. Now we have two Moms who we are very concerned about. RLs Mom is still in Florida and my Mom lives about four miles from us. New challenges instantly arose trying to fill the huge gaps our fathers left behind. It hasn't always been easy and it doesn't get easier as time goes by. However it is a new life direction that we have willingly taken. As a result, blogging has gotten to be almost non-existent. I don't even know if there's anybody out there anymore!

Even Ginger is experiencing changes. Bless her heart. As of this week she is 16. And getting a little older comes with a few physical problems. She has developed kidney problems and we are babying her more now than ever. I think she really eats up the extra attention!

We don't sit around quite as much as we did before either. Before spring came along we got bikes. Every evening we head out for a bike ride. My knees don't like it, but hopefully they will adjust soon. North Carolina roads are not quite as flat as Florida roads - go figure! We also started Weight Watchers. Those stinkin' kids have lost more weight than me! I'm still plugging along, hoping I'll catch up with them soon.

As soon as R downloads some new pictures, I'll try to update you a little with knitting. I've been reading more than knitting this year, but I've managed to finish a few projects. So if you stick around for a while, I'll try to do better at updating.