February 18, 2010

New Socks!

Pay no attention to the fact that I desperately need to sweep the floor! Just look at the new socks modelled by the lovely spinner of the house. These were a quick knit. The sock yarn was a Christmas gift. It had fallen out of my stocking and rolled under the love seat. When I was cleaning up paper and bows, I found it. What a happy surprise! I used the typical, generic sock pattern I always do except this time I did a K3, P1 cuff. I think they stay up better that way. However, I'm not sure if that's a fact with these socks because my model decided to wear them today!

Although we haven't had anymore snow - thank goodness - I've seen some activity in the snow that hasn't melted yet. Since I've been keeping the bird feeder filled, we have some winter visitors emptying it almost daily.

Ginger doesn't seem to care! She just wants to be left alone!

Thank you for all of the sweet comments you left on my last post. They meant so much to me.

February 15, 2010

A Year Ago Today.......

I lost my buddy.

I lost my emotional compass.

I lost some of my sense of humor.
I lost my spiritual advisor.

I lost my children's grandfather.

And he was a proud grandfather of all four of his grandsons....

and his only granddaughter.

He was their mentor and mine too.

A year ago today, I lost Daddy.
I miss you so much and will love you forever.

February 11, 2010

Miss Priss appears to have the right idea. She is nestled as snug as possible into the couch. She's been doing that a lot lately. I guess keeping the thermostat on 69 is not quite her thing. Frankly, it's not mine either, but it's a necessity. Last year we kept it on 68. This year we have noticed quite a jump in our electric bill with only one degree higher. Maybe we should put it down to 67. I have to admit it's really sad when Mom comes to visit, keeps her jacket on and grabs the first afghan she can find. At least she knows how to make herself at home!

The 'official blog photographers' went outside yesterday to take pictures. (They both had on shoes and socks too. Small victory for me! By the way, both of the pictures from the last post were of my lovely daughter. She's my daughter when she wears shoes and socks.) Yes, we still have snow. Not nearly as much as we have had, but it's still there. It's really crunchy when we walk on it and icy in spots too. I had to dig our recycling bin out of the snow the other day so we could use it! The garbage hasn't even run for two weeks due to the weather. Let's just say it's a good thing our average temperature has been in the 30's or else we would have one stinky neighborhood!

This is our birdbath. I don't know what that lime green thing is - moss maybe, but it is under the ice too. It's kind of pretty. We have thirsty birds, but a photogenic birdbath.

R graced use with a beautiful and great tasting apple pie about a week ago. Of course she couldn't just slap a crust on top and cut slits into it like I do. She did a beautiful filigree cut out on the top crust.

Knitting is still going strong. Today R got her order of Targhee wool to spin. We are anxious to see how it will spin up. It certainly smelled a WHOLE lot better than the stuff she got for her birthday! It's gorgeous, clean, combed and ready to spin. Who can ask for anything more? She is planning on spinning it during the Olympics. I haven't decided what I'm going to knit yet. Right now I'm working on a pair of socks. What is it with me and socks lately? I was knitting the cuff on the first one and then decided to knit the cuff on the second one. I'm just knitting away - about four inches into the second cuff, when I notice it doesn't look anything like the first one. Hmmm, that's strange. A closer look and I realized I did a K3, P1 rib on the first sock and a K2, P2 on the second. Needless to say, I had to rip the second one back to the beginning. I am learning patience, whether I want to or not! :)