May 12, 2007

What about Bob?

This is Bob. He lives in Florida with my sister. A couple of stray cats in her area just had babies and Bob is one of them. Being a cat is a not such a bad thing at my sister's house. I've lost count of all of them that have passed through there. There's Savannah, Bill the cat, Lily - to name a few. She's really an animal person and always has been. Her hamsters always out lived mine. We won't mention the time she forgot to change the cage and Mom couldn't stand the smell so she but them out in the back yard. Apparently they couldn't handle the Florida sun for the day. You get the picture.... Her fish always outlived mine too. She's had a Lab for over 15 years now. Her name is Kodak -a Kodak lab. ha ha Her three boys have had cats and gerbils and another dog along the way. I think she was the one who suggested I get an animal, like a fish, before I considered motherhood and if I didn't kill it, then I could probably handle having children. I killed that fish. However, I've been a little luckier in the mothering department. Thank Heavens!
This is Bob heading back out into the woods with his mom.
Enjoy your Mother's Day weekend with your mom, Bob!

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