May 1, 2008

It's Our Anniversary!!!!!!

One whole year of blogging! I can't believe it! It's been such a fun adventure...trying to figure out what to post some days and other days everything seems blog worthy.

Things have been wild around here lately. Our neighbors, who have been wanting a baby for a long, long time, finally heard from the adoption agency Tuesday. Apparently they just might have a baby for them next month! Isn't that exciting? I'm thinking of all the neat little baby things I can knit. My babies are 17 and 20, so they are a little too old for all the cutsie stuff - ya think? I've been looking through all my baby pattern books and have found so many cute hats, socks, afghans, etc. A whole new world of knitting has opened for me! We'll know more next week about the baby. Keep them in your prayers. They will make great parents!

I finished a pair of socks late last night. I got the yarn from Knit Picky's a couple of weeks ago. The pattern is from 'Knitting Vintage Socks'. I just needed a little something different than my usual, generic sock pattern.

The toe is a little different from the usual too. It's not a kitchener stitched toe which is very different for me. I just hope it holds up as well. Time will tell.

Venturing out in the garden this evening we noticed the blackberries were all blossoms. I hope we will get more than last year - three!

Randy's Dad will start Chemo and Radiation therapy next week. He was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. We've learned more than we ever wanted to about the disease. He is going into this with a very, very positive attitude and that will help tremendously. Keep the prayers going up.


kelly said...

congrats on 1 whole year. Nice sox. <3

Anonymous said...

Grrrrrr, the little idiot, "Gus" is driving me nutsoid!!! He keeps climbing up the leg of my jeans and attacking my elbow, as I type! I've sent him packing 3 times, the next time will be the killer!
Am I to believe that you actually put away...somebody's...depends?" WOW!!! Or, did I misread that???
The movie IS stupid! But, ya'gotta love that cutie, Jeff Daniels!!!
A man of the people!
I love all the new socks, that, alas...will never be worn by me!
Good Luck Poppo! We're all on your side...praying for a miracle!!!
I'm likin' the new look, very cool!
Love, Yo' Mahma