May 2, 2008

I Blame "Escanaba in da Moonlight"

I started off with very good intentions. Remember our nephew who lives in San Francisco and works for Apple? He's a Genius for them. (Now, don't get upset because I can't remember if you're an Apple Genius or a Mac Genius. I just know you're a Genius. Be happy I can remember that much - okay PJ?) Anyway, I saw this great dishcloth/washcloth that had "Born to I-Pod". Great pattern and I thought he would appreciate it. He seemed to appreciate the Transformer dishcloth I sent him some time back. I took a break from knitting socks, put away the dpns, picked up the straight needles and started this dishcloth.
It's not the pattern - it's me. I can't even read the freakin' words I knit! I couldn't read them right after it was finished, so I washed it. I thought it would shrink up and be easier to read. Nope. Didn't happen. I handed it to R - who is the knitting guru around these parts - and she could only make out half the letters. I took a picture hoping I could read it from a different point of view. Nope.
You know, I'm not even sure it's my fault. I'm willing to blame 'Escanaba in da Moonlight'. That movie is so stupid! The first time I watched it, I laughed my butt off. You know, when you laugh and you can't catch your breath and you feel like you're going to be sick? Well, that's the way I laughed the first time I saw this movie. I'm ashamed to admit that. The movie is dumb! This is one of Jeff Daniels babies. I love him, so I guess that's a good enough reason to watch it. I had watched it a couple of times in the past, so when the kids wanted to watch it again and I was knitting this dishcloth, I didn't see any harm in it. I knew I wouldn't laugh as hard this time. Well, I did. In the process I messed up the whole dishcloth. So, what do you do with a poor, pitiful, mangled dishcloth? I know I'm not sending it across country to a Genius, I can tell you that right now!

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