May 3, 2008

Our Backyard

I wouldn't exactly say today has been a lazy day, but it has been somewhat relaxed. This evening is beautiful and we took advantage of sitting outside and enjoying it. A walk around the back yard and we became pretend nature photographers. I have no idea what the plant above is. R read something about a plant called a farkleberry and we've been calling it that. I don't know if it is or not, but it is fun to say!

In case you were wondering what the top of a pine tree looks like, the above picture should help answer that. The kids think it looks like a sea urchin. How did we get a picture of the tip top of a pine tree?
When it looks like this, it isn't too difficult. I think it happened in the last big wind storm we had over the winter. I keep waiting for the tree to snap in half, but so far it continues to grow just like it is.
These little fellas are everywhere! Being true Floridians, we have a tendency to run around barefoot. Well, not now! These suckers are on the walkway, the deck, the yard, everywhere! I really don't want to feel one squish under foot, so I have been wearing shoes a lot lately.

Today we got word from our former church in Melbourne that a wonderful member had passed away. Her name was Lil Brown and she was such a graceful person. She will be sorely missed, but is now with her daughter who passed away a few years ago. I imagine that was a wonderful reunion to witness. I'm happy they are together now.

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monica said...

Lovely pictures. That is the best thing about this time of year, everything is in bloom.

Sorry to hear about the loss of you friend.