May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Last year for Mother's Day I wrote a little tribute about all of the special moms in my life. They are still very special to me. However, this year, I thought I would write about a couple of special Mother's Days to me.

The first one was not technically Mother's Day. It was the day before Mother's Day in 1987 and I went to the beach with my sister. I was telling her how crummy I was feeling. She informed me that I sounded pregnant. Coming from someone who had a baby in '81, '83 and '86, I figured she just might know what she was talking about. So, on my way home from the beach I dropped by the doctor's office for a pregnancy test. It was a YES!!!!! I hugged everybody in the office and drove home on cloud 9! RL and I hadn't really been sure if we wanted children when we first got married - well, I was, he wasn't. His family thought we would never, ever have children. I could not wait for our get together on Mother's Day so we could tell his family. We were sitting around waiting for everybody to get there and we decided to tell his Mom. She didn't stop doing what she was doing at all. She didn't believe us! It took quite a bit of convincing - like nine months! Then when R was born she didn't believe we had a girl! We didn't know prior to R's birth if we were having a boy or girl. My sister had three boys. R's brother had two and another boy was in their future. R is the oldest of three boys. So we figured we were set for a boy. Surprise! We were shocked! R's mother was really, really shocked!
Another special Mother's Day in my life is very different from that day. My grandmother had been sick with Alzheimer's for years. She passed away the week before Mother's Day. Since she was a full-time Mom to her kids and grandkids, it only seemed natural to have her memorial service on Mother's Day. I had never been to a service like it before. My uncle wrote a song and played it on his guitar. All of her children and grandkids who wanted got up and shared their happy memories of her. We laughed and laughed. We sang 'Jesus Loves Me' because it was one of Gram's favorite songs. It was a happy day. We went to my sister's house afterward and everybody brought a dish to contribute to the meal - just like all the get togethers we had at Gram's. The only thing missing was Gram and she really wasn't missing because she was there in all of us.

So, whatever kind of Mother's Day you have, I hope it holds happy memories - whether you are making them or are remembering them.

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Mom said...

What was the first thing I did this morning???
Come in the study...
turn on the computer...
check the awful weather report...
and read Kristy's Blog!
I loved it!
So many wonderful memories!:-)
It's dreary as it can be outside, but this "perker-upper" this morning, really makes for a great Mother's Day!
It makes me think about you and Kelly, and what the two of you mean to me.
PLUS...We have all those super grands!
Mom was wonderful...just the best! She loved her children more than anything in this world...and her grandchildren were "icing on the cake!"
Mom had such a sad life...always wanting us to have better than she did...I miss her so.
I have to say, her funeral service was the most uplifting and unusual one, I've ever been to. We really did celebrate HER.
I remember Daddy saying afterwords, "I never realized all the things you kids got into!" Oh...if he had only known!
Happy Mother's Day,
I love you "Schweetie Pie!"
From: Mom,
Hey you...the Cook,
The Lunch Lady,
The Toilet Swabber,
The Nose Wiper,
and don't every forget...
I'm the one who's never afraid to clean up the pewk!!!!