April 23, 2008

What's On Your Door?

When we installed a new front door, we made sure we had a metal one. It's very convenient. We can leave notes on the magnetic white board. We can stick pictures of our loved ones on it so we will remember them as we come and go. There's a memo pad there if you find yourself needing a sheet of paper on the way out. And, as I recently found out, it's a place for the children to leave 'important messages' for us. This is what I found the other day upon walking into the livingroom:
I had gone to bed before the kids. They are late, late night people and I am finding out that I definitely do not fall into the same category. Apparently, while in the kitchen, the kids saw an interesting specimen crawl out from under the cabinet in the kitchen. They were not sure if it was a black widow, but when in doubt, assume it is - or that was their motto.R drew the above wanted poster on the white board.
L wrote the note, or should I say news flash. The signature on the bottom answered a lot of unanswered questions I had...like who really is in charge in this house. We all knew the answer, but I was in denial.

On a happier note, I got some sewing finished. This isn't the best of pics, but you can make out what it is. I saw this kit on sale at Michael's for $7. I couldn't buy the pattern and the fabric for that, so I jumped on it. I still have to put a button or snap on the flap, but other than that I'm good to go.
Look who's making their come back! I love those hostas! I think we counted thirteen in this little area and then I have four more by the birdbath.
The azalea's down by the drive way are in full bloom too. The picture doesn't do their color justice - at all!
I also found this on my way down to the mailbox. Thought it was a cool picture, so that's why I'm sharing it.

On the knitting front, a pair of socks are in the works. R has a really neat knitting pattern she's creating. As for the family...we are waiting to hear from another doctor in Gainesville regarding RLs Dad. Surgery may be an option. We can only hope and pray that the right decisions will be made.

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Thimbleanna said...

Haha, love that spider sign! And thanks for the mention of the metal door -- I often miss the fact that I can't hang magnetic stuff on my fridge, but not too far away I have a metal door -- now, why didn't I think of that??? That Michael's bag is adorable -- great find!