May 29, 2008

Is It The Weekend Yet???????????

Actually I'm not looking forward to the weekend as much as next Tuesday. RL has been visiting with his parents since Tuesday and will be back next Tuesday. I am so ready for him to be back home. The past few months have been about travel for him and I'm ready for him to sit on the couch with me and veg out. I know, I'm selfish. I do understand why he has to be there, so I'm trying not to complain as much as I'd like to. Try as I might, I still manage to complain. He's trying to give his Mom a little of a break while he's there by taking his Dad to his radiation and chemo treatments. He's also doing stuff around the house they need done. It's difficult when you live so far away when one of your parents is so sick.
I've been trying to get some cleaning and knitting done too. It helps to pass the time. I finished this little bunny hat a few days ago, but I was waiting to find some ribbon. I found some this afternoon and it matched enough that I didn't have to buy any. That's always a nice treat!

There are socks on the old dpns right now too. Socks are my comfort knitting. They also make for nice summer knitting since there's no bulk to them at all. The afghan was quite challenging on those warm spring days!

Talking about warm spring days - where have they gone??? Yesterday was in the 50's! Where did that come from? I was looking all over the place for a long sleeve shirt. Today we are back in the 70's so it's time for short sleeves again. This afternoon I put sweaters away while I was cleaning our closet. I hope I won't regret that.

The kids are fixing dinner tonight. They love to cook and they work very well together. Stir Fry is their speciality. I love to sit in the next room and listen to their conversations while they cook. I do wish they would clean too, but I can't complain too much. At least I don't have to cook!


Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, cute hat! I hope the days go by fast for you and RL will be back soon!

Mom said...

You KNOW I love the hat! I also love where it's going..."on the head of a cute little chubber in Florida!"
No doubt about it....Randy's a great "Do Bee"...coming to the rescue of "those parents in need!" When your Dad was paralyzed...who was there? "Randy and the Fam!"
To this day...I don't know what I would have done without you guys! Thank you "Lovey."
Coming to NC to live was a dream come true. Of course, our "Dream" was to live in or near the Mountains, but dreams are sometimes "not to be!" But...where we are now, "is pert'near close!" *Cl:-)
Gotta' get your Dad up and at'em, so will close for now.
"Have a day!"
Love, Mom