May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Meet Gomer.R found him while weeding the garden yesterday. He was a little bitty thing. He wasn't moving when she first uncovered him, but eventually decided the sunshine wasn't something he was really into and tried to climb into a hole. He has been relocated per 'the garden relocation program' and is now living in a 'toad abode' in the flower bed. I don't know why she named him Gomer, but I have learned not to question such things.
I sat under the canopy provided by the beech trees and knit while she gardened. I probably should have helped, but yesterday I felt a little crummy. Fresh air and knitting were the remedy. L came out later and helped her with the heavy lifting of cow poop. He's a good helper!
I finished the second of these two dishcloths while I was out there. I have a huge basket of cotton yarn and figured it was a mindless knit. These turned out WAY better than the poor 'Born to IPod' cloth...may it rest in peace.

Look what else I've been working on. Crochet. Who knew? I originally started crocheting when I was a kid and then moved to knitting when I got older. However, I didn't understand directions for either. My sister taught me how to do a granny square and my pea brain somehow remembered when I picked it up yesterday. I had this yarn left over from a hat I made for a Christmas present this past year. No telling what I'll do with them, but they are bright and happy. I don't think I'll give up on knitting any time soon though. I can never figure out what to knit next when I finish a project, so this is keeping me busy until the next great project comes to mind. More than likely it will be another pair of socks. No sense in wasting all that sock yarn sitting around. Well, that and I need to make room for new yarn I'm bound to buy one of these days!


kelly said...

yay! you rembered! I like green and purple together.

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, isn't Gomer cute? Did he stay in his new hacienda? Just getting caught up...Love the dishcloths. And especially LOVE the new socks a few posts back!