May 15, 2008

It started so innocently.....

Remember this little hat from Christmas?

I had part of each color left over. Innocently enough, I thought they would make great granny squares. Black accents would just set them off. I started crocheting and promptly remembered just why crocheting is not my favorite. However, I went through all of the yarn and came up with 39 squares. Hmmm, 39 squares would not make much of an afghan. I went to the LYS and bought black yarn for the accents. One skein was no where near enough. Off to the LYS again and five skeins later, I am beginning to realize that I still don't have enough.

I'm trying to make enough black squares so I have a decent sized afghan.
Yuck, I'm making an afghan.
I am crocheting an afghan....out of an acrylic/wool blend. I have truly gone over to the dark side. I'm so scared.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a moving kitten? R and L tried all Mother's Day when we were at Mom and Daddy's. This is as good as it gets! Gus is above and Scout is below.Scout looks scared. Maybe she knows I'm crocheting an acrylic afghan.

P.S. Chemo and Radiation are going great for RLs Dad and the fire is under control in my sister's neck of the woods. Yippee!


monica said...

I am glad I am not alone. I was thinking the same thing when my daughter asked for a "crochet" afghan and I started one. Must be something in the air causing this.

Your squares do look stunning though with the black and bright colors.

kelly said...

I LOVE acrylic...