May 7, 2008

Hosta la Vista

I know, I know....stupid title, but what else could I have said?
Mom and Daddy's wonderful neighbor, Kay, is redoing her garden. She wanted to get rid of her Hosta and asked Mom if she wanted it. Mom didn't, but she knew how I love, love, love Hostas and asked if I did. Of course. This is the home for wayward Hostas. We love them all - small, variegated, large, green, light green, dark green, yellowish green. We do not discriminate. When I saw this Hosta, well, I was in Hosta heaven! Beautiful!

Last night we went over and dug this baby up. Well, I didn't do any of the digging - I was there for moral support. L did most of it and then RL did cleanup digging. Mom held it back so they could see where to dig.

See my teeny, tiny little Hostas in the background???? Do you think they are intimidated?

How's that for a planter? A 33 gallon trash can! Whew! This baby is big and HEAVY!

On a lighter do you like the bird's nest? The man who lived here before us was a golf nut and we find golf balls everywhere. Last night when I was cleaning up different areas of the yard I found these golf balls. I figured I'd put them in this planter for now and it reminded me of a bird's nest. Wonder what kind of birds we'll get out of these 'eggs'?

On a more serious note - we have gotten some 'sort of' bad news from RLs Dad. He started experiencing double vision over the weekend for no apparent reason. He went to the eye doctor on Tuesday and after much examination and consideration on the doctor's part and on the part of an eye surgeon, they came to the conclusion that he might have had a mini stroke. The oncologist sent him on to a neurologist who is sending him for a MRI today. He was due to start chemo and radiation this week and this puts a giant kink in the works. Apparently you can't have chemo or radiation under these circumstances. He is under a time table where these treatments are necessary to get the cancer under control. We don't understand any of this and hope that we will get some answers today. I know I keep asking for prayers, and believe me, I'm not going to stop. So, please, pray for some good results. We could handle some good news right now!


Bella Modiste said...

awesomely huge Hosta!
I hope and am praying that everything works out for your fil...Health things with grandparents and parents alike are so very scary.
hope you guys are doiing well though.

monica said...

What a great looking hosta.
Your family esp. your FIL will be included in my daily prayers.