May 27, 2008

The Birthdays of the Brothers-in-Law

Hope everybody had a nice Memorial Day. We did. It started off a little wacky, but turned out to be a pretty good day. RL has been complaining a little about his right ear closing up. We figured something was up because when he yells at us to say 'good morning' it's time to get the old ears checked. Luckily our doctor works half days on most holidays and was able to see him. Turns out he has a MAJOR ear infection and his ear is almost completely closed! The doctor couldn't believe it didn't hurt him. After he got home and we got some things done around here, Mom and Daddy came over with all kinds of great things to eat and RL manned the grill. I made brownies. Really put myself out, didn't I? We watched a movie, "Dan in Real Life" with Steve Carell. It wasn't his typical role, but I really enjoyed it. Kind of an easy going movie for an easy going day.
May comes and brings the 'Birthdays of the Brothers-in-Law.' (Is that correct? It looks weird. I want to say 'brother-in-laws instead, but that's not right.) It doesn't matter!
Here's Tim, RL's brother. He was the 'big 49' yesterday. I have no idea when this picture was taken, but RL said it was perfect and to use it. (Blame him, not me, Tim!) Tim is like RL, eternally youthful. He's standing in front of one of RL's first VWs.

Next comes my sister's husband, Paul. I asked her to send a picture to me that he wouldn't mind my three or four blog readers seeing. That's my little bitty big sister in the middle and then the Genius on the end. Why can't that boy find him a woman? I'm telling you, with a smile like that he should be beating them away!

So, Happy Birthday guys! Hope you each had a very special day!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning and Happy Birthday to all the B'Day Boys!
Tim M...what a Jock! Cute kid, but great lookin' Man!
Paul and the Fam...where's Tim? I guess you grabbed someone off the street to take the photo...or, Tim was there in the background somewhere????
PJ...I'm thinkin' you might need a few sessions in a charm school somewhere!
We had a very nice Memorial Day, but Sam was definitly in our thoughts! BUT...Sam is ALWAYS in our thoughts, as are all the Troops in Iraq and throughout the world. We SO look forward to the day he comes back home to start his "real life!"
Our day was wonderful and relaxing at the Minners! Enjoyed our little stroll around the neighborhood and into the woods, where a new house is being built. It is SO pretty there, reminding me of our little piece of property, we once had in the mountains of "Cashiers." What a cool place to have lived! Literally Cool...all the time!
The movie we watched was hilarious and fun! What a family!!!!
Well, it's about time to wake "Ol' Rip Van Winkle!" It's hard to start the day...but, start it, we must! Oh me!
Hope Ran has a safe drive to Florida...and, hope things will go well while he's there. Bless his heart!
Love, Mom