May 8, 2008

When You're Up You're Up

When I was little we would sing a song in Vacation Bible School about a rich old king. It told how he had 10,000 men and he marched them up the hill and then he marched them down again - when they were up, they were up. When they were down, they were down. And when they were only half way up, they were neither up nor down. I said all that to get to this point - I feel like that's the way our lives have been lately! RLs Dad had his aneurysm and we were down. He had a successful surgery and we were up. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and we were down. He was getting ready for chemo and radiation and we were half way up. He was told he probably had a mini stroke and we were down. Yesterday his MRI showed that he didn't have a stroke. Now we are up again. I can't keep up! I can tell you one thing though - I've never been fond of roller coasters and we are on a big butt roller coaster! The latest we've heard is that it is his thyroid. RL is on the phone with his dad now, so I might find something else out all together. Hold on tight - it's a bumpy ride! Thank you to everyone who has included him in your prayers. It is very sweet of you to pray for someone you don't even know and it is greatly appreciated.
(Thanks, Monica! I would have thanked you personally, but I don't have your e-mail.)

Look what I got at Knit Picky! R has designed a pattern and I get to be her test knitter. That's not the only reason I got it though.
Look, it's 100% wool. Yes, WOOL. My poor, poor, wool deprived sister who lives in Florida was not aware of colorful wool. Can you imagine living in a world without colorful wool? Me neither.

So, I am showing her the colorful side of wool. Beautiful wool. Beautiful, colorful wool. I have just expanded your world, Kel! Don't you feel better for that?

See, the new hosta is playing well with the others. Actually, I think they are terrified that it is going to eat them. It looks like it's starting to eat the little one in front of it! I just hope I can keep it alive. Wish me luck!

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kelly said...

Yeah, it's bright, but is it acrylic?