June 3, 2008

Bunnies in the Garden

Can you see the well camouflaged bunnies near the garden? What a surprise to look out the back door and find our visitors! R grabbed the camera and started snapping pictures. Some of them look kind of like pictures of the lochness monster or big foot - not clear at all. However, when you are taking a picture through a sliding glass door, using a digital camera and through binoculars, this is pretty darn good!
RL will be home tomorrow! YES! We are so beyond ready for him to be here. He will probably need a vacation when he gets back! His Dad started back to chemo today and RL stayed through the second half of his treatment with him. He couldn't get over how wonderful the staff was. I'm not surprised. The woman who owns Knit Picky is a former oncology nurse and has the greatest personality. I think it takes a special person to work around very sick people and keep them upbeat. I think RL got his Mom and Dad caught up with their yard work and other chores around the house. He also caught up with an old buddy that he hadn't spent much time with in many, many years. He did miss our 11th anniversary of living in NC. R reminded us - I had forgotten! We had a nice dinner and watched a movie - a low key anniversary, but enjoyable.

I'll update more after RL gets home. Have a day!


Mom said...

Hi Guys,
Oh, how cute! I clearly see the little bunnies, especially the one on the left side of the photo. They certainly blur into the landscape, don't they!
You guys are so lucky to be able to see all of nature out there. We have a backyard full of it too, but we're not as attentive, I guess! I feel very fortunate to have seen the deer and the turkeys in our backyard.
(I started to say, "The deer and the antalope!")
Sure never saw that in Florida! Oh...the occasional alligator, but nothing like we have here!
I do love it!!!
Glad Ran's on his way back to "PARADISE!
Wonder how many of those Floridians will see that comment???
Ohhhhhhh....they KNOW IT'S TRUE!!!
Enjoy your day...get that house picked up and cleared away...leave a pathway for "The Man!"
I love you guys, Mom
I know! I KNOW...
there are bunnies, deer, and
Love...from yo' Mahma

Thimbleanna said...

Is the bunny EATING your garden? I love bunnies but I cringe when I see them in our yard -- they eat my hostas!