June 7, 2008

Yep, It's Still Hot!

Nope, it's not an accurate reading, but it sure felt this hot! This thermometer is right outside my bedroom window in the sun. The only time it's sorta accurate is when the sun isn't beating down on it. Lately that's not happening. The air is very still and kind of shocks your system when you first head outside.
This poor little fella was trying his best to cool it on the deck. I'm not sure if he is the same squirrel that was spread out on one of the beech tree limbs yesterday or not. R was convinced he had passed out or died. We kept checking him to make sure he was breathing.
I know this is a little hard to see, but his little guy has the right idea. He is sprawled out on the edge of the birdbath! Looks quite comfortable to me.
The only thing happy in this heat is the cactus. It was in the yard when we moved here. It's been moved, mowed, trampled - you name it. After ten years it decided to show us just what it could do. L was walking around in the back yard when he spotted the bloom and of course we had to run inside to get the camera. I guess some things are happier in dry, hot conditions!


Thimbleanna said...

Yikes! It's good to know that thermometer isn't accurate! Hope things cool down soon, although with summer just starting, that's probably a false hope!

Mom said...

I'm just hopin' we will get some rain soon. Sure don't want a repeat of last year.
Betweem the AC going constantly and having to water everything outside, I KNOW I can hear "k-ching, k-ching" just outside the door! UGH!
Love the little fella' in the birdbath! He's adorable!!!
We have 2 wee, tiny chipmunks here in the backyard. When I first saw them darting around, I thought they were mice. Hoped they weren't though...and they're not!
They are the cutest little things and so speedy! They dart around so fast, but manage to stay together.
"Scout" and I were watching them from the window in the den downstairs...I wonder if she had ulterior motives???
Got'a go to bed...it's been a very long day!
Thank you Luke and Bec for helping me this evening at "Blockbuster Video" and then at the grocery store. Also...for restoring the computer, Luke...I have a life once more!
Love, Mom/Granny

Bella Modiste said...

loove that cactus..you know alot of those cacti you see in the store have dried straw flowers hot glued on them? seriously...look next time!
love that squirrel...its been hot here too...and humid...then there are the days that it looks like it'll rain, even going so far as to thunder, and start drizzling...then it stops....so much for that relief!
anyways..sorry I havent commented much recently! off to read your other posts!