June 30, 2008

A Public Apology to Rabbits Everywhere

Remember this? I blamed a rabbit. I was too quick playing the blame game.
How could it have been something this sweet? If the squirrels and bunnies can get along, than why can't we? It was a stinking vole! How do I know this? Well, computer research points strongly in that direction. RL was looking out the kitchen window yesterday and said one of my hostas was 'moving'. What does that mean? The wind is blowing? It's raining? What exactly does that mean. It was overcast, so I bought into the wind story. No, no, no! He was adamant that it wasn't the wind. So, I went to the window and sure enough, the hosta was moving. Not all of the hostas - just this one. So, I ventured out to the old hosta patch and heard a munching sound while three of the hosta leaves moved in time to the munching. I went and got RL, who reached down and lifted, effortlessly, the hosta. The whole root/bulb system was gone and little teeth marks were everywhere! ARGH! RL went after that area with a shovel like a crazed man. I came in the house. I didn't want to see what he was going to do if he found one. The kids came to the window, shook their heads and returned to their seats. They're used to this kind of behavior around these parts. He never did find the vole - which was good for the vole's sake. Not so good for the remaining hostas.
Oh, but we had more fun than that. I started knitting a sock this weekend on my super pointy, love them more than any other knitting needles in the world, Knit Picks dpns. I lost count of my rows and promptly asked my knitting guru to count my rows. Unfortunately, I stuck one of my super pointy, love them more than any other knitting needles in the world, Knit Picks dpns in the ball of yarn. The yarn started to roll and R reached out to stop it. The needle stabbed her in the palm of her hand. The yarn rolled onto the floor and the needle stuck in her hand. She flung her hand as hard as she could. Somewhere in this living room is a dpn waiting to attack another unsuspecting soul. RL found one in the love seat, under the cushions, which happened to be the same size, but I'm not convinced that R is that good of a flinger. She might be. I have learned not to doubt her abilities in the past. L ran and got ice and we calmed her the best way we could. She has a little bruise there today and is learning just how much you use that part of your hand.
I think this little guy should sit here and keep watch. We need a guardian squirrel.

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Thimbleanna said...

A vole huh? I don't think that's my problem -- my leaves have teeth marks in them haha! Love your new header ... mmmm lilacs!