June 18, 2008

Today is my Birthday...I am old....

Today is my birthday. I have been spoiled rotten and enjoyed every second of it! The kids asked what my perfect day would be and I said something about RL having the day off and going to the movies or doing something fun that we don't normally do. So, RL worked half a day and we went out to a local BBQ place for lunch. It's been such a beautiful day that we sat at the picnic tables outside the restaurant. Then it was time to pick a movie. I wanted to see Indiana Jones or Kung Fu Panda. But we all really wanted to see Get Smart. Since that's not out until the 20th, we decided to wait until then. I opted for miniature golf. Now, if you know me at all, you know that's a dangerous activity. I broke my leg when I was six playing miniature golf. (It's a skill not many have.) It's been well over ten years since we've taken the kids so we went. The breeze was great and the temperature was reasonable, so we had a great time. R got the highest score and was bumming. We told her that she won! She got the highest score. No, she didn't buy it, but we got a smile out of her.

Here's the beautiful Forsythia they got for me from Joe's Landscaping. The kids were very sneaky! L hid upstairs with the phone to call Michelle to see if she had any. R called Mom to take them to the nursery. I had no idea! Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

Isn't this a cute bag they had it in?
I've been saying for some time that I wanted to do something 'funky' to my hair. Since summer is almost here and it's hotter than hot, I've been tempted to cut my hair. It's almost to my butt and I have never had hair this long. (I had a pixie when I was little.) Now that I'm 'old' and letting my hair grow out, I asked for something to keep me from cutting it. L likes it long and gets upset when I mention cutting it. R has longer hair than me and likes mine long. RL doesn't care, he just doesn't want it short, short. So, Magenta brush-in hair dye was the solution they presented me with this morning with my gifts. It is interesting...and stinks to high heavens! It's 'supposed' to wash out after each use. We'll see about that! I do like it though.

The kids also got some 'replacement' hostas for me. I'm afraid to plant them! There's a bunny in the backyard right now. I think he senses the new greens!

We aren't really having a 'big' celebration today. Mom and Daddy had company last night and today, so I knew they would probably be exhausted from that. They said they were up to it, but I couldn't decide what I wanted for dinner and R didn't have time to bake a cake, so we will be doing that this weekend. The never ending birthday! I got other neat things for my big day too - a skull and crossbones latch hook kit and a hook to go with it, a couple of new outfits, pajamas and the Juno soundtrack. RL said there was something else he was looking for, but I would probably have to order it. Haven't decided if I want to spend the $$$ on it yet, so I'll wait to mention it until I decide.

Thank you everybody for such a great day!


Thimbleanna said...

How fun -- you have a new DO!!! What a fun family you must have. Happy Happy Birthday! If you find out the secret for keeping a Wascally Wabbit away from the hostas PLEASE share! I hardly have any left and as much as I love animals, I find myself secretly wanting to step on the gas when I see a bunny crossing the road LOL!

Dignlebat in the Hiz-ouse... again... said...

Yo diddy yo yo! I is back, baby! Did you have a good Birfday yesterday? Ah well, I digest. I just was wanting to pop in and say hi to my magenta haired momma. Ah well, I shall let you go. Peace... hahaha

Mom said...

Man...you guys had a fun, laid back "Birthday" today! That's really the way it should always be...doing the fun things you really want to do!
Our day was busy...at least mine has been...after Jeannie left. It was good to see her...I'm glad she came! :-) She had pics of her sweet little house in Ky...I loved it! Would like to see it in person someday...looks like something out of a fairy tale.
She's certainly a wonderful guest, I didn't have to do anything! She brought her own sheets and pillow, so there was nothing to do after she left. We had hamburgers from the Burger King...so there were no dishes to do...ice cream and some yummy cookies she bought, for dessert! We had a good time!
Magenta hair! Well, it's certainly different! Guess I really need to see it in person !!!! Remermber, I'm old!
The kids and I had fun while we were out...shopping was a snap! They knew exactly what we should get! Hope you liked it!
I'm exhausted and need to head on to bed...tired old lady tonight!
I love you and hope you had a nice day. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"
I love you, Mom

Bella Modiste said...

I'm late..but...
love the hair! I'd love to do that to mine, but my hair is dark, so I'd have to bleach...before I dyed...ouch...