June 14, 2008

Murder and Mayhem in the Garden

Our evening venture to the garden revealed more than we could handle. The beans have turned to the dark side. R had to rescue one of our flamingos from being strangled by a wayward bean stalk. It was horrible. But, my friends, that was just the mayhem. The murder was far more tragic....One of those 'cute, cuddly' rabbits has entered into dangerous territory. The victim is below:
That is all that is left of one of my Mother's Day hostas. I was distraught. Never have my hostas fallen victim to such atrocities. I don't want to talk about it. Thimbleanna warned me and I refused to listen. I'm so sorry I doubted you!

Okay, my green thumb sleuths...what is that tree up above? The past two years it has fallen victim to Japanese Beetles. However, this year it is doing great! Hopefully it will stay that way.This is the fruit that grows on it. R said it was a cherry plum tree. Does anybody out their know? We have no idea if you can eat the fruit or not. L said you could eat it, but he wasn't sure of the results. True. Nobody was willing to try it though.
I finished knitting L's dice bag. I think I over did it in the felting department though. I'll take some more pictures when it dries and show you before and after.
UPDATE: Another hosta has fallen victim and the flamingo is in the process of bean strangulation again. Can't trust the garden at all.

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