June 5, 2008

It is So Hot!

How hot is it? It is sooooo hot...we're in the 90's. Tomorrow should be in the upper 90's. Where is this place? I thought I lived in North Carolina? A week or so ago it was in the 60's for a high. What happened? The garden is loving it - as long as it gets it's daily dose of watering. The gerber daisies aren't enjoying it. When I get the mail in the morning the poor stems are seriously drooping. A little water and time and they spring back up, looking, well, fresh as a daisy. Har har snort.

This is Raven. Her family is on vacation for a couple of days, so I've been keeping an eye on her. When the weather is a decent temperature, she is all over the place. However, when it's like it has been this week, she is under the deck. It's really kind of funny. She has dug out a cool spot for herself and will bark like she means business. However, she's no dummy! She won't come out for anything! She's been eating okay, but she's not drinking like I think she needs to. I'm glad her mom and dad are coming home so they can worry about her instead of me! Next week I get to take care of our other neighbors place. I am the official neighborhood watch.

RL came home Tuesday night. What a great sight he was for sore eyes! I had missed him soooo much! His a/c went out somewhere in Georgia and he looked miserably hot by the time we saw him. A cold shower, a cold coke, a good dinner and he was as good as new. His truck is protesting the long trip and refused to start this morning, but I don't think he minded too much. It just meant he got to take the car - with the working a/c! His Dad seems to be doing very well. He was sick a couple of times while RL was there but is still able to be out and about most of the time. They went to the beach and watched the shuttle go up. When you live on the space coast of Florida all your life, you kind of take the shuttle for granted. You watch it from your driveway and listen to your windows rattle shortly after take off. When you live 600 miles away, you forget just how special all that is. I think they enjoyed being able to watch it right on the ocean. He got to catch up with his brothers and one of his college buds. He worked his butt off trying to get as much done for his parents as he could and they truly appreciated it. But I appreciate him being back home!

Yes, I'm still knitting. I've got one sock almost finished and will start on its mate soon. L has requested a dice bag for his D&D dice, so I need to get that going soon. I've got all kinds of things I want to do - just have to find the time!


Thimbleanna said...

Yeah...what exactly happened to spring? It seems like we went from winter to summer -- wasn't it freezing just a week or two ago? I'd LOVE to see a shuttle launch. Never could figure out how to plan a vacation around a launch though -- you always hear about them delaying the launches and the thought of actually planning a big trip and then having that happen is just too much. Shadow. The perfect name for that cute dog!

Bella Modiste said...

cool! got to see a rocket launch last year...but never a shuttle yet, except for one time on TV....so...yeah..one day!
glad to hear RLs dad is doing some better...
as for the dog...know whatcha mean...my chickens spend the day huddled under whatever shade they can find, and pant all day...and I'm forever going "drink already!" Penny, the darker chicken, pants almost constantly..poor girl...the weather has been sooo yucky...