June 22, 2008

'Help' from the children

This afternoon I was running around trying to get some things finished. I wanted to post some pictures of my last knitting project and the kids had the camera, so I asked them to snap a few pictures for me. Could they place the burp pad on the table? No. Could they place it on the couch? No. Could they place it on the floor? No. They decided to do a photo shoot called "Burp Pads in Space." Yes, L would toss it in the air and R would snap the picture.

Our neighbors are waiting to see if their adoption is going to go through and I'm knitting my fingers to the bones trying to get burp pads or whatever else I can think of finished. Ah, I remember those days of colic and never having enough burp pads. I just cannot knit enough for that!

Here's a much better shot. I used the pattern from the Mason Dixon knitting book. I bought one of those 'big bull honking' (to quote my husband) skeins of cotton from AC Moore and have been knitting on it, trying to make a dent in it. So far I've gotten this burp pad and two dish cloths for my MIL. I've still got quite a bit left. What to knit from it next....


Dinglebat in the Hiz-ouse said...

Yo, I is back. I'z like a booger you just can't flick! Yo... Any who diddy who who... I feel as though I has stolen yo blog... what wit all the peeps responding to me and such so I feel like I need to give it back to you. Now don't go thinking this is it and stuff. No, no. I'll still be here, popping my head in every so often when I feel it is right. Yo, peace to my peeps!
- L

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha! Monsters with a sense of humor. I suspect they got it from their mother!