June 25, 2008

I think we're all a little 'melon chested'

R and I were talking this afternoon about one of the shows she and L like to watch every night on Adult Swim. The show is called "Home Movies" and doesn't seem like it should be in the Adult Swim line up. It's a little too mellow - thank goodness. Anyway, one of the main characters is eight and he is currently in therapy with his Dad and soon to be Step Mom. While discussing this with his Mom, he asks if he is 'melon chested'. His Mom has NO idea what he's talking about until she figures out he means 'maladjusted'. I am sure in my heart that my family is 'melon chested'. Doesn't that sound a wee bit better than maladjusted? I thought so too.
To prove just how 'melon chested' I am, I am sharing a picture of my latest purchase. Sad, isn't it? Well, the old iron gave up the ghost. Starting pining for the fjords. Is singing with the choir invisible. I had to buy a new one. I like ironing as much as I like cleaning bathrooms. As much as a root canal. As much as (insert your worst nightmare here) and you'll get the picture. I would have put it off a little longer, but due to the new dress code at RL's office, I had to get some of his Docker's pleated for work this week. Off to Target the kids and I went to pick out our glorious new addition to the family.
It makes it somewhat easier to buy since it's such a lovely pink color. Who are they trying to fool. It's still an iron.

See, it even has an 'idiot strip' on the side of it so I know when it's cool enough to put away. Where would I be without this? Now I don't have to use nearly as many brain cells while ironing!

Here's a lovelier shot of the color. It seems kind of purply there, doesn't it? It works very, very well, so I don't really have any reason to complain. Well, the only reason I do have to complain is that I would have rather spent the $30+ on yarn. Who wouldn't?


Mom said...

As irons go...it is a pretty color...I prefer mine in a lovely chrome!
I do NOT get excited about irons! I do NOT get excited about ironing!
There aren't very many exciting things in my life...PERIOD!
No way! No time! No how! NOT!
Oh...you guys are sort'a exciting to be with. We always enjoy our cook-outs with you, and the fun movies you pick out for our get togethers!
Those are the good times!
Love ya "Dear"...Mom

Mom said...

By the way...I love your new Headline!!
So pretty and very inviting!
Love again...from MaMa!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, that new iron's a beaut! LOVE that pink! Now you've ruined it -- I won't be able to see the word maladjusted without cracking up!