August 31, 2007

Is there anything else to our lives beside home improvement?

You bet there is! RL has a coworker who wanted R to bake a birthday cake for his son's first birthday. He and his wife had seen something at a bakery and asked if she could replicate it. Of course her version isn't identical, but hopefully it was close enough to please them.

Since Elmo is Andrew's favorite Sesame St. character, they wanted a 'smash cake' for just him. I don't know if 'smash cake' is the proper term or not, but that's what I call it. Probably because that's what the baby is going to do - smash it - big time! Just like that picture I posted on L's birthday. That cake was definitely smashed!

Since there was cake left over and since there was icing left over and since it was 3 A.M. - R's most creative hour - she came up with this creation. She hated it, but I thought it was pretty clever. For some reason it reminds me of a bandanna. I, however, crashed some time after this cake was finished. Although R is creative in the wee morning hours - I AM NOT!

Some knitting has been going on too. I've been trying to dig into the cotton dishcloth yarn I've got in a huge basket in the living room. I needed some mindless knitting and dishcloths provide that. Plus, my MIL loves hand knit dishcloths and I need to build up a Christmas supply for her. I'm on my third one so far. L and I have had mini marathons of 'The Dresden Files' every night and I needed to knit - can't sit still ya know - and I wanted to watch Harry Dresden at his finest, so dishcloths answered many needs this week!

Today was our mad rush to the County Fair office. Every year R signs up to enter 40 - 50 items. Every year it is chaos. This year she has gotten it down to 20 items. I hope that goes down in the next few weeks because all items have to be turned in in less than four weeks and only one or two things have been completed. I didn't enter this year. I figured with home improvements, home schooling and breathing I had enough going on.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!

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Barbara said...

NO! There is no end to home improvement! It goes on, and on, and ON! Once you get going...other things crop up...and, I don't mean "no weeds" either, Little Sister!!
Things break down...hopefully you won't break down first. The cycle goes on and die!
It does look to though you guys have done A LOT! Unless you stay up into the wee hours of the morning, you will just have to be patient!
Remember when your dad and I were putting up the beams in our house in Florida? I felt like 3 A.M. was a good time to quit, but for some reason, your Dad had a problem with that! Shucks, when he got up the next morning at 6 o'clock...I had to get up too! :-)
I'm so glad he's a nice man, it's a wonder he hasn't killed me! ********************************
Bec, the cakes are sooo cute! I love the little face, on the wee, small cake. Can't imagine anyone wanting to smash that little guy! As in all that you have outdone yourself...AGAIN!
Way to go Girly!!!
Love to you'all...Yo Mahma