August 9, 2007

This post was brought to you by...

In all the excitement of receiving my Sockapalooza socks, I completely forgot to post pictures of the scarf R finished for Knit Picky as a store sample.

The scarf is made out of Dawn from Hand Knit Yarns by Naturally, which can be purchased at Knit Picky. The Yarn is 50% wool and 50% silk. It felt more like linen to us - it softened up the more it was knit and handled.

Our lovely model gladly posed for this picture. Kind of thin looking model, hu?

Here's a close up of the stitches. In case you happen to drop by Knit Picky, purchase the yarn and the pattern pamphlet, it's the #1 pattern in the pamphlet.

End of public service announcement.


Knit Picky said... advertising! I love it. Thanks, R, for such a nice job knitting the sample. Nice photos, too. This will sure help show off this yarn as it looks much prettier knitted than in the ball.


kelly said...

Don't you understand what it does to regular people and their self imagages when you support the twiggy models? When will people learn???