September 5, 2007

We have a new door!!!!!

Labor Day was quite a laborious weekend for us. RL probably looked forward to heading back to his desk job after all the physical labor he did this weekend. The flooring by the front door had water damage due to the wooden door cracking. That had to be replaced first. I had no idea what we would find under that rotten wood! I just knew something would have a nest and lots of little children! Yuck! We didn't find any of that. How lucky is that?
Here's the new wood subflooring. It might not be an exciting thing for you - but believe me, it was for us!

Next came the new door. What a royal pain that was! The first one must have been stuck in place with duct tape, spit and chicken wire, to quote my darling daughter! It didn't take much effort to get out at all. That's a little scary when you think about it!

Here is a pic of the remains of what was once our front door.

The new door, however, is metal, heavy, sturdy, heavy, large and heavy. RL and L lifted it in and out of the opening several times to see if it would fit and what they had to do to make it fit properly. Then Mom came and took the kids into town and I was the designated helper. Where oh where was that boy! His father needed him! Actually, I needed him to help his father! Anywho, we managed to get that sucker in and out as often as it needed to be without too much harm to either of us.

Here's the new door. The door knob is on the other side - which is taking a whole lot of getting used to. How many times will I have to stand on the left side of the door only to realize there's not a door knob there????? Not a great picture, but you get the general idea!

Now, what can this be besides a big mess? It's our new wooden flooring getting acclimated to it's new surroundings. It had been in Mom and Daddy's basement when we were informed it needed to be in its new home for a while to get used to it. Off we went to pick up the wood. Then we realized, duh, it needs to be out of the packaging so it can 'breath'. So, as of late Saturday or early Sunday, it was breathing as much as it wanted. It's also serving as a shelf for lots of junk - like my pink knitting bag, past due library books, shims, knitting projects - you name it. This weekend might be the time it gets to be used for its actually purpose, but I'm not totally convinced of that yet. Things don't always go as scheduled around here.

We do other things around here beside home improvements - like garden. Here is our bounty - all of it! R has a book called "The $64 Tomato" or something like that - and this, my friends, is that tomato! No, I lie. We had two other tomatoes. See, it was a more bountiful harvest than I led you to believe!

And we have knitting - of course. R is knitting for the fair and I'm not sure I can share that until after she enters it, so you'll have to be patient. She's using Cascade yarn in a beautiful teal shade. Her hands are now teal as well as the needles. I hope her body won't be when she wears this item! I have been knitting dishcloths, which I mentioned in a previous post. I can show you those although they aren't as exciting as other things - like socks I've been knitting and frogging and knitting and frogging. Thank goodness I have a resident knitting guru who can help me through the mistakes!

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barbara said...

Ya'know...when we were there for Labor Day, I didn't even look down at the new subflooring! Now, what kind of a mother am I? I see it now, and it does look great! I know that others may not think so, but you really had to see "the before," to appreciate "the now!" It's sooo neat looking!
The new wooden floors are useful in many shelving for so many other things...that seem to just hang around! I know you can hardly wait to get it down and walked on! I know I'm anxious!
The tomato is pretty! You KNOW how much I LOVE tomatoes! Did I get to eat any of that one? Oh yeah, I had to bring my own! Most people have to bring their own booze, but I have to bring my own tomato!
Are those pot holders Mommo's? They must colors are sort'a different!
We had fun the other day, enjoyed our Labor Day, away from home!
Love, Mahma