August 1, 2007

25 years????

Holy Moly! It's been 25 years since I graduated? I cannot believe that. I got my e-mail letting me know about the reunion the other day. Twenty-five years? There's no way it can be that long ago. I sat there and tried to figure out how that happen. Yep, I graduated in '82. Yep, it's '07. Darn! That is 25 years, isn't it? I got a little depressed. I know I've been married for almost 23 years. I have a daughter soon to be 20 and a son soon to be 17. I've accepted all that. Turned 43 - yep, accepted that too. But 25th reunion? Now how did that happen?
Then something happened that changed that way of thinking. RL and I got an e-mail with an obituary attached. RLs cousin just lost her 25 year old son. He had one child and another due in March. Kind of put things in perspective - quickly. I changed my mind about being 'old' and decided I was 'lucky' that I even had the option of attending the reunion. So, if you remember, say a quick prayer for Korry's family. I know it would be appreciated.

Yesterday's garden stroll revealed a bean that decided to cling to the nearest thing it could find. Hope the wind doesn't pick up anytime soon. R took this picture this afternoon. I was shocked to see that it had grown at least four inches since yesterday. With all the rain we had and the sunshine we are currently having, I guess the growing conditions are perfect.

The kids and I ventured into Old Salem yesterday. It's always a fun day strolling the old streets and ducking into the shops for some shopping and cool a/c. We found some goodies to send to Sockapalooza pals and some goodies for ourselves, of course. About ten years ago my sister and her boys came for a visit. Her boys were 15, 13 and 11 at the time. Yep, full of attitude. Sam got in trouble at the mall for running up the down escalator. Since the mall guard is called Hanes Security, the boys felt it was their obligation to call them 'the panty police.' Yeah, cute kids. When we found ourselves cruising the streets of Old Salem, they cut loose with the sarcasm. Although the buildings there are old, they have been updated. I heard comments about '200 year old a/c systems', '200 year old cars', '200 year old fire hydrants'...I think you get the picture. Well, R walked through a spider web yesterday and decided it was a 200 year old spider web. Brought back all those memories of the nephews. Ahhh, good times!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my...25 years since Graduation! Try 48 years, my dear child! Soon to be 50 whoppers...and, I'm thankful for every one of those soon to be 50 years.
Having moved a lot, more often than I wished, I'm thankful for whatever good grades I received! I hated moving all the time, it was so difficult to make new friends and even harder to leave them when we moved again. I went to 3 different Jr. High Schools in 2 years and can only remember the names of 2 of them. That's AWFUL!
It was a blessing to stay in our little house in Eau Gallie, FL, for the 32 years we did. It was certainly the "Comfort Zone" I never had before! But, moving on iw what life is all you well know!
I love the little windmill with the snakey (?) bean vine, weaving it's way through there.
Old Salem...ahhh, one of my favorite places here in NC. Long walks in the Fall, with those great outdoor smells, and the chill in the air. Odd that the Guys would make such a commercial adventure out of it. I take it you did NOT go to the old cemetary with them??? Please say you did NOT go there!
Well girly, I hope your day has been another good one, and all is well on the ol' homefront!
I love you, The Muth